Introduction: DIY PVC Baking Soda Gun

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This is a fun enjoyable project please vote on me please, and enjoy.

Step 1: Pieces and Instructions to Shoot

Hello I have made a PVC baking soda and vinegar gun that should work really well if you make it properly. In order to shoot, open the plug, then open the ball valve bellow the plug next take a funnel and add in 1 table spoon of baking soda, next close the other valve and then close one that you just opened then pour in the vinegar. Pour the vinegar to the rim of the PVC then screw in the plug. To fire open the valve below the plug shake and wait 10 seconds then release the other valve and if done right' it will fire. For projectiles you can use potatoes, apples, and paper cone rockets . Btw, for Instructions for the paper cone rocket please ask in the comment box below. To load apples or potatoes into gun try squeezing them on the top of the PVC like a potato gun. Aim in a safe direction, do not aim at people, make sure you always have an adult to help you make and use it, and always, aways, always wear eye protection. I am not responsible for any injuries that may occur from use. Now here are the parts you will need.

2, 1 and 1/4 inch PVC pipe pieces

1, 1 foot piece of PVC

1, 4 and 1/2 inch piece of PVC

1, threaded PVC plug

1, PVC elbow

2, PVC slip ball valves

1, adaptor half of it slip the other half threaded

(I used 1/2 PVC pipe, but if you wish a different size of PVC it should work if you add more baking soda and vinegar.)

Step 2: Remember to Glue All Pieces With Special PVC Glue

Use your 1 foot of PVC and i ball valve remember to tightly push each of them together.

Step 3: This Will Be Your Gas Chamber

Now take your 4 1/2 inch PVC and put it on your other end of the PVC ball valve.

Step 4: Glue This on Really Tight

Now take your elbow and put it on your 4 1/2 piece of PVC.

Step 5:

Now take a 1 1/4 piece of PVC and put it on the elbow.

Step 6: Make Sure This Is Open When You Glue to Avoid Glueing It Shut

Now take the other ball valve and put it on the end of the PVC.

Step 7: Make Sure to Make This Tight

Now put on the other PVC piece on the end of the ball valve.

Step 8: Make Sure to Put the Slip Side First

Now put your adaptor on the piece of PVC.

Step 9: This Will Be Your Vinegar Container

Now put the plug on the threaded adaptor and you are all done.Please favorite and comment and please vote. Thank you for viewing and have fun.

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