DIY PVC Compound Bow Stand

Introduction: DIY PVC Compound Bow Stand

I wanted a bow stand and couldn't find plans for exactly what I was wanting. So I took some inspiration from a couple of other pictures ( and and made my own. I decided against the cup holder option since I couldn't find the right fitting (1.5 to 4in reducer), but I could always add it later to the top of the quiver part. I also decided to use the corner Y pieces as feet and leave open in case dirt or water entered the stand, as well as if it is on unlevel ground. You can use just regular corner and T fittings if you didn't want the footed option.

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I decided on 1.5 in PVC, you could use 2in or 1.25
3x 10ft lengths
2x end caps
4x Y straight
4x Y corner
6x T connectors
Foam insulation for pipes
PVC cement
Miter saw (or hack saw and de burr tool)
Hand and eye protection (ear protection if using miter saw)
Rubber mallet
Zip ties

Step 1: Plans

I drew out the plans for this in 3 parts: the base, the bow stand, and the quivers. If you use a different size pipe, you will have to measure the distance between the ends of the pipe inside the fittings. The 1.5" fittings had a space of 2" between the pipes and the pipes fit into the fittings 1.25". I decided to make the base 36" x 24". The bow stand is 36" height. The quivers are 5" between each Y connector. If you want the quivers taller, just increase this height.

Side note: As you may notice, I originally was going to put the cross piece fittings at the top of the bow stand and use use T in the base. I switched these around to add more stability to the bottom. My thought to use the cross piece at the top was to add an area to hand something if needed. If you wanted you could use all T or all crosses for the top and bottom of the bow stand part.

Step 2: Cut

We have a miter saw and used it. We changed to the blade with the most teeth. I don't have a pic of the cutting part. If you don't have a miter saw, use a hack saw and then clean the burrs off. This picture is of all the cut pieces.

Step 3: Assemble

Assemble according to plans. Please do a dry fit before gluing. Use rubber mallet to gently tap everything into place. Once everything is fit correctly, disassemble and glue. I wanted this stand to be able to be easily moved, so I didn't cement everything together. I glued the middle and front lengths of the base (the parts that attach the bow stand and the quivers) together so they don't move or rotate. I also glued together: the top part of the bow stand, the sides of the base, and each 5" to the Y in the quiver part. So basically the longest length would be about 36" to transport.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Add foam to the top and secure with zip ties. Add bows, arrows, and accessories and start shooting!

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