D.I.Y PVC GoPro Filming Rig(for Less Then $20)

Introduction: D.I.Y PVC GoPro Filming Rig(for Less Then $20)

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 ** This rig is for light camera, unless you modify my rig to have more support **

Holding the GoPro with just your hands can get tiring and also cause unstable footage, this mount makes it a easier to film and you get the clear footage that you want.

After you build the basic shape of this rig, you can add platforms and mounts for other camera or accessories (like a microphone or a light, I don't have that so I can display it)

Step 1: Parts List.

To make this rig you will need pvc pipes and some other tools and hardware.

1. 1M of 20mm wide pvc pipe, or you can choose your own size(in circumference), just make sure you have enough pvc in length in case you need extra.($2.20 x2)

2. Two pvc elbows (90° angle), these have to be able to connect to your pvc pipe, if you have the same size that I choose, use 20mm pvc elbows.( $0.90 x2)

3. Two end caps, these are optional if you want to cover the openings i suggest to put these on, although i did glue these on. ($1.55 x2)

4. (Optional) if you want to be able to take this rig apart you can tape the joints or use a pvc glue, i used "Cement Solvent pressure, PROTEK "(green), if your not sure of which one you need ask someone in your hardware store for suggestion. 

5. Depending on what your mounting your going to need mounts, because i'm using a GoPro i'm using the Flat mount mounting plate that you get from the GoPro package. ( FREE :D)

*Marker of some sort
*Drill with drill bits.
*Saw (with a blade that can cut plastic, pvc)
*A rotary tool (Dremal : optional)
*Zip ties

Step 2: Cutting Your PVC Pipes.

1. Start with drawing lines where you are going to cut your pvc pipe.

2. Once you have marked where you are going to cut, prepare you Dremal/Saw with the appropriate bite/blade to cut the pvc.

3.Double check you cuts and sand the edges so that they are smooth and not jagged.

4. (Optional) You can sand off the writing from the pvc, make sure you dont take off the much in one spot of the plastic so it stays circular. Also if you dont like the gloss use you sand paper and lighty sand around the pvc pipe.

Step 3: Connecting Your PVC Pipes

This is  fairly easy process, although tricky.

1. Set your pieces out in a "C" shape.

2. Work one joint at a time, apply the glue on the inside of the joint and then slide the pvc pipe in, this is when you want he make sure that the pvc is straight, because when the glue drys you wont be able to take it apart, (and start again if you mess up)

3. Lay the rig down on your workbench to keep it straight and even, do this while it is this wet and fresh.

**Make sure you are careful when using the glue because they can be poisonous depending on which glue you use, so use gloves and be in a well ventilated room.**

Step 4: Mounting/ Finishing Up.

This part can be different to you if you have a different mount/camera, but isn't to difficult to change my design. 

For starter you want to find a mount that you can connect and dis-connect your from camera, once you found that part try and connect it to the base( bottom part), i used zip tie to connect my flat plate.

You might also want to think about what activities you are going to do with this rig, so you know how sturdy it should be.you don't want your camera falling off 

If you don't have a mount for your camera. cut out a platform from a sturdy piece of wood, plastic or metal. And then use zip ties, rubber bands or rope (i guess) to connect your camera. make sure your lens is not covered and that you can access the ports, and most importantly make sure that you can take you camera off in one piece, you don't want it to be super glued on. :) 

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    9 years ago

    I bet it would be cool to mount a light into one of the end caps for better visibility at night. And just a spst switch near where you hold it


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    That is a good idea. And its possible because the inside of the rig is hollow, so you can integrated the light into the handle , for a clean install.
    Although you'll want to do this before you glue it all together, because then its easier drill holes and see what you are doing.