Introduction: DIY PVC TROMBONE


Step 1: Mateirals

Pvc Pipe

21 inch and ½ inch

“Elbows” x4

2 ½ inch and 24 inch Pvc pipe x2

Pvc T x2 ½ inch

Pvc Glue

Two thick rubber bands


Step 2: Step One

Glue two ¾ 24 inch PVC into 2 90 degree elbow to make a “U”, Set aside. Then glue 3”¾” pvc into 90 degree elbow, to form a u.

Step 3: Step Two

Glue two pieces 21 ½ inch PVC into 2 tʻs ½ inch, glue 3 ½ inch PVC to attach tʻs together.

Step 4: Step Three

Then attach ½ to ¾ inch reducer to one end of the Tʻs. Hence the mouthpiece.

Step 5: The Last Step

Then attach 12” PVC to other end, attach to 90 degree ½” elbow and 3 ½” to another half inch elbow, facing forward to assemble 24 ½” PVC, then to attach funnel to make a exit for the sound.