Introduction: DIY PVC Torch

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Hai all,

This is a simple instructable and I am going to share you how I made this little DIY to make a zero cost torch with a power bank. Following the simple instructions, you can make it easier.

Step 1: Collect the Raw Materials.

For the project, you need:

  • PVC pipe (small piece with diameter as per your wish, I used one with a small diameter)
  • A dead CFL light bulb.
  • A small piece of universal PCB.
  • A white color LED.
  • Wires.
  • Push button switch.
  • Push button cap.
  • A power bank battery. (technically, A 18650 battery with 3.7 V 2200 mAh battery). (From old power bank)
  • A 5 V DC boost converter. ( From old power bank).
  • Aluminium foil.
  • Thick paper.

Step 2: Make the Body.

Making the body is not that complex. Follow the steps:

  • Remove the top part of the CFL.
  • Remove the cap of the CFL as shown in the figure.
  • Now heat one end of the PVC pipe and join it to the CFL cap.
  • For the reflection Make a cone using the Aluminium foil and the thick paper.
  • Attach the LED on the cone as shown the figure.
  • Cut some transparent plastic in a circle and attach it to the front of the LED.

Now the main body and the front reflector are ready.

Step 3: Make the Switch, USB Part

For the switch and USB,

  • Mark on the pipe, as shown in the figures.
  • Cut the portions for the switch and the USB port.

Step 4: The Circuit Part.

The circuit part is simple.

  1. Solder the battery to the boost converter.
  2. Solder a red wire (+ve) and a black wire(-ve) to the USB port of the Boost converter. These wires provide the power needed to light the LED.
  3. Insert the battery and the boost converter into the pipe and fix the battery using a double-sided tape.
  4. Fix the USB port in position.
  5. Take the wires out.

Step 5: The Switch...

Switch consists of a universal PCB and a Push button switch soldered on it.Then solder the boost converter's positive wire(the red one) to one leg of the push button.

Step 6: Complete the Circuit.

  1. Solder the positive wire of the LED to the push button's leg.
  2. Solder the negative wire of the LED to the negative of boost converter.
  3. Place the PCB in the place.
  4. Cover the part with the button cap as shown.

The entire circuit and body works are completed.

Step 7: Finishing Work.

You can use spray paint for the finishing work. I used some black stickers for the purpose.

We can recharge it using a smart phone charger and this can be used as a torch and as a power bank.

Thanks for your time.

Happy making.


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