Introduction: DIY PVC Bow 75+ Lb Draw!

This is a powerful pvc bow that has a draw weight of 75+ lbs. Some of the stuff needed is optional but to ensure durability and power I recommend using everything in this instructible. **I am not responsible for any damage or injury done to property or your self**

1" pvc (5 ft)
1/2" pvc (5 ft)
2 fiberglass sign posts
Lost of tape
Arrows (optional)
7 ft of string
Broadhead (optional)

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Step 1: Fiberglass Reinforcement

Take your fiberglass sign markers. Amd measure the to the same size as the 1/2 pvc tube then force inside. Next take anything to fill the hole so the fiberglass doesn't riddle around then apply glue. This is the easiest part of the build. But your measurements must be precise.

Step 2: Fiberglass Spine Placed in Body

Next take the 1/2 pvc with fiberglass inside and make a tire looking thing on both ends. This is so when you force the 1/2 pvc In to the 1" pvc, it is a nice snug fit. Make sure it is tight enough it doesn't move but not to tight that it can't come back out. Make sure there is tape on the ends so that the fiberglass does not fall out. (even though it will be really hard for it to without it)

Step 3: Cutting Notch for String

Take a saw of any kind and cut two slits next to each other and make them as close to the end as possible but they CANNOT CUT into the 1/2" pvc!!! that will weaken your bow. Next take one end and cut the top half you sawed into. Sand all of the places you cut to ensure your string doesn't get snagged.

Step 4: Stringing the Bow

Tie a normal double knot on the end that hasn't been cut on the side. That is your permanent knot and should only be removed for changing of string. Make a move able knot for the other end. This will be on the other side so u can unstring and string the bow for longevity and power reserve.

Step 5: Adding More Fiberglass

I have this fiberglass Laying around from another bow. This is added to the handle to ensure the pvc doesn't snap and so it retains it's shape when not in use. (if you don't have any flat fiberglass I would recommend buying another sign markers and cut it in half then apply to handle)

Step 6: Arrow Rest

The arrow rest is a toothbrush. This allows the vains to easily slide through with minimal damage. Also just made a flip down arrow rest that works really well!

I had a lot of fun making this bow as this is first. Thanks to pucksurfer as he gave me the idea to make a step by step and share with everyone this wonderful bow. I will have more on shooting it later as this one is a little different than my other one. Also after you have made the bow leave it overnight strung. This will give it it's natural bow and make it easier to string. After that one night of leaving it strung do not leave it that way. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day and good luck!

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Step 7: After 2 Weeks!

After 2 gruling weeks... (even though this has only been up for a few days, I had put this instructible up later) I have managed to push it to the limits and figure out what it can and cannot do. Overall this is a great weapon for survival situation and can easily kill small and medium game. I will go over pros and cons of this deadly weapon.

light, and easy to carry only about 5 lb.

Quiet, this is a crazy quiet bow, I don't know if it's the pvc that dampens the sound or what but it is really quiet.

Accurate, out to about 50 yds. Past that you can still hit but get arrow drift.

Unstringable, (if that's a word??) but can be unstrung to save power!

Heavy draw (could go either way depends on the archer)

Cheap to make only $12

Can shoot 180 fps with 500 grain arrows.

Weather proof because of the plastic pvc.

BIG, really tall... That's all i got to say about that.

Draw weight could be too heavy

On small game over penertration almost always happens... Even with rubber blunts.

Not a toy

Makes for storing it a hassle because like I said it's to big


All in all I can't be more than happy with this bow. To be made out of pvc it is a really powerful weapon. I have killed 5 rabbits over the course of the two weeks (farmer request) and I used the rubber blunts and g5 sgh. The g5 penetrated all the way through 3 rabbits. Then I tried the rubber blunts and they too penetrated all the way through. I was shooting from a distance of about 15 feet for all of them and penetration through the animal happened with all broadhead,amy suggestions?? I hunt for food and the farmer allows me to keep the rabbits... For all u hunter haters lol, but anyways a really powerful weapon and pretty accurate. I would definitely love to try this on larger game but that isn't till next time. Please ask any questions, I will be happy to answer them, and don't mind my grammar. And as always stay safe and be rigorous!!!