Introduction: DIY Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter Tablet/iPad Adapter

After hastily purchasing a Padcaster Parrot, I was surprised to open the package and find that an iPad adapter wasn't included. When I looked at the website, I realized my mistake. The photo that shows attachment to an iPad requires both a $200 case and a $60 adapter. I didn't have the time or budget for those, and after looking around, realized lens clips and step up rings might be a solution, but would take time and add cost with an uncertain outcome. I decided I'd shoot for a DIY adapter a step above using gaffer tape. This solution works pretty well and took about an hour to make.


1 x cardboard pants hanger

Step 1: Prepare Hanger for New Destiny

Separate the cardboard tube from the wire. Use your hands or pliers to straighten the wire, except the very last bend at the midpoint. Cut the tube to match the height of your ipad when it's in landscape orientation.

Step 2: Form Wire to Fit the Parrot and Your IPad

Beginning at the top of your adapter, you will create a "V" shape with your wire that will insert into your cut cardboard tube. Make an arcing bend to point the wire down. Leave enough room for your iPad to fit. Position your Parrot over the lens to determine where to begin your curves to fit the backside of the Parrot. This is the most fiddly part. I used my fingers and pliers to match the curve of the adapter plate. The wire must lay flat and fit tightly within the groove. In hindsight, it may have worked to use the stack of included ring adapters as a form to bend the wire. If you try that, I'd love to know how it goes. Once that bend fits, you're in the home stretch. Make a pair of angular bends at about 45° to bring the wires towards each other. Where they cross, twist them together a few times. Bend a "U" shape into the end of the wires to insert into the bottom end of the tube. Then make your final bend to wrap this end over and into the tubes. Give enough room in the bend for the iPad, but make it tight enough to hold securely. You want the new adapter to squeeze the iPad a bit. My case holds the adapter in place laterally, but without a case like this, you may need to use a piece of tape or some other innovation (maybe a piece of rubber?) to keep it from sliding. Now, you're ready to roll!!!