Introduction: DIY Paint Sample Bookmark

This is a fun and easy DIY Paint Sample Bookmark! It's simple to create so let's start!

Step 1: Supplies


-Paint Samples
-Fun Scissors (Not shown in pictures)
-Hole Punch

Step 2: Glueing and Cutting

It's time to glue the 2 paint samples together.
Once you have glued them together, it's time to cut it with your fun scissors.
Make sure you cut the names of the colors off so your new bookmark will not have words or anything on it!
I am using the fun scissors to make a cool edge on our bookmark!
Be sure to look at the little boxes on the pictures for tips and tricks!

Step 3: Adding Ribbon

It's time to add the ribbon!
Use your hole punch to make a hole in the top of your bookmark.
Then get your ribbon and put it through the cirlce and tie it into a bow!
Now you have your own homemade bookmark! That was easy!
I hope you liked it. Enjoy!
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