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Introduction: DIY Pallet Bar

So again like my last project i should have documented this a lot more, but hey hindsight is a wonderful thing!

I made this project as a gift for my friends 21st birthday party. it's a pretty quick project and only took me about 4hrs from start to finish. great for birthdays, bbq's, family events e.t.c and with a price of $0 for materials and whatever your time is worth it is definitely worth the effort.

Step 1: Building the Bar.

there isn't a whole lot to explain about this and the main idea is that you will get inspiration from the photos.

the base:

this is literally three pallets of equal size standing next to each other and screwed together. the configuration is up to you and depending on your venue either an 'L' or a 'C' shape could be made.

the top surface:

while this does look pretty and might look hard to make, it certainly isn't. if you have a table saw or chop saw you can make this in about 2 hrs and with just a hand saw 3-4. the paint doodle will explain more about how to go about it.

I cant seem to come across a pic of it in action on the nigh but when i do i will post it. definatly a fun weekend project please link photos of your versions if you do decide to make this. :)


If this is something you would like to keep, I would recommend coating it in a wood preservative as pallet wood being cheap does not stand up to the elements very well. a sanded smooth and glossed top would work well. I personally like the character that the different shades of raw wood give it so i left it as is.

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    5 years ago

    Great pallet project... Thanks for sharing


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks !! I appreciate it.