DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Introduction: DIY Pallet Coffee Table

What you will need:

1. One wooden pallet

2. orbital sander and sand paper

3. Atleast 16 feet of 2x4

4. 1 ½ and 3 inch screws

5. Miter saw or circular saw

6. Screw gun

This coffee table is easy, affordable, and perfect to put into any college dorm room. It is easy to make in a night and perfect on a college students budget. You can paint it or decorate to fit into your dorm perfectly.

Step 1: The Pallet

What you need

1. One wooden pallet

2. Electric Saw and Orbital Sander

The first thing you must do to make this is find a nice, well-built wooden pallet to use as your table top. Find one that has stronger wood planks and no holes or damage to it. Using a saw cut the pallet in half to make it the perfect size for a coffee table. Using your orbital sander sand down the whole table. Make sure to take out all splinters and make the table smooth all around.

Step 2: The Legs

What you need

1. Two 8ft long 2x4s

2. Eight 3 inch screws

3. Miter saw or Circular saw

4. Screw gun

Next get two 8ft long 2x4s to make the legs out of. Using the Miter saw cut eight 2ft long pieces to use as legs. Make sure they are all the same exact size so the table does not shake and is level. Take two pieces and screw them together,one screw in the top and one in the bottom. Make sure the tops and sides are flush with each other. Do this with all the 2x4’s so you have four legs.

Step 3: Putting on the Legs

What you need

1. 16 1½ inch screws

2. Screw gun

Now using a screw gun you can attach the legs. Flip your pallet over and mark out where you are going to put the legs so they all line up and are then same distance apart. Then using the screw gun put one screw into each piece of 2x4 that make up the legs. Make sure to use a good angle so you do not screw threw the bottom of the pallet. Make sure everything is lined up to your marks and securely screwed on. Put the table onto a flat surface and make sure it is sturdy and sits flats to the ground so it does not wobble.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Now that you have the table complete you can customize it to your liking. Using a Hole Saw bit and attaching it to your screw gun you can drill a hole into the table as a cup holder. Use a big enough bit that you can fit a can or cup into the hole. You can paint or customize the table to your liking, paint it your school colors or design it to match your dorm room.

Step 5: Finished Product

Now you have a nice table to use in your dorm room to work, eat, or just sit by and relax. It can hold your drink and be designed by you to look however you would like it too. Its perfect to put your laptop on and do homework. It's the perfect coffee table for any dorm room or apartment.

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