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Introduction: DIY Pallet Furniture

One of my favorite things about our house is the fenced in back yard and patio with a carport roof above. My husband and I spend many evenings sitting outside on our patio enjoying the Texas weather, before it gets too hot. We love to entertain, and I had bought a little patio seating set last year but it only seats 4 and most times we have more people over then that. That’s where this project was birthed from and here is how I did it.

Step 1: Measure and Cut Your Pallets

The first thing you will need to do is measure your pallets and figure out if you will need to cut them or if you like the size already. My pallets measured 36″x45″ 36″ was still a bit wide for trying to sit on so we decided to cut them in half. To cut in half I used a regular handsaw and cut down the middle to the side of the middle beam. You have to cut both sides. This is not hard. I did it to all 15 pallets in about an hour. Here is what it looked like. The part I am going to use is the part on the left. It now measures 36″x24″ I cut several pallets like this. I knew I needed 5 across but I didn’t know how many I would need to stack to get the height for the seat that I wanted.

Step 2: Figure Out How High You Will Need to Stack Them

So I started stacking and I pulled up my patio chair to compare. I decided that three high was just right. So now I knew I needed 15 whew…time to get busy.

Step 3: Use the Leftover Pallet Pieces to Make the Back of Your Furniture

Now to make the backs to them. This is one of the leftover pieces from the pallets I cut earlier.

Step 4: Pull Off the Backing Boards

I just pulled the backing boards right off.

Step 5:

If you do it right it should take off the top and second boards. This is what it should look like coming off.

Step 6:


Step 7: Set the Backs Against the Wall

If your benches are going to be against a wall, simply prop it up against it. The blocks left on the back will help keep it stable. As you can see I have an uneven space and also part of my bench that is not against a wall.

Step 8: Fill in Any Empty Spots

So I cut this little piece to go in the uneven space.

Step 9: Prop Up Any Part That Is Not Against a Wall

For the bench not up against a wall I tried just propping it up but any gust of wind and it fell right over. So I stuck two boards down to help prop it up better. I don’t have a picture of this but I just took a really long nail and hammered it through the wood blocks all the way to the pallet beneath.

Step 10: Sand Down the Tops of the Boards

Now all that’s left is to sand it all down. My pallets were pretty rough with a lot of splinters. I just sanded them enough to get rid of the splinters and smooth it out enough to paint.

Step 11: Brush Off the Dust

If you’re going to paint be sure to brush off all the dust.

Step 12: Optional Paint

I just painted the top then I was done!

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    Ricardo Furioso
    Ricardo Furioso

    2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing. Seems like the angle you got in step 1 on the half pallet on the right might have been just what you needed to make the seats more comfortable. Just a thought.