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So for this creation, inspiration came from some old ugly run down pallets I had out in my yard that I just had to do something with. I own my own home but decided that I could no longer afford the house by myself. The house had a somewhat small retail space (less than 1500 square feet) I spent the next two years converting the retail space into a studio apartment, and started renting out the house to make the monthly mortgage payments. I have been renting out the home for almost eight years now and am still nowhere near completion on the studio. I am however living in it and it is quite comfortable.

I installed the shower, the toilet, the linoleum in the bathroom. But I wanted a sort of separation between the shower and the toilet as they are in close proximity to each other. What I mad was the perfect addition to the bathroom. A private place to do your business and a nice addition to complete the bath.

Realize that I am all for living a simple life, I create things for what they can give me. I wanted something that was functional and that I could do for cheap. In all I spent a total of right around 25.00 to finish it off.

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Step 1: Gather Your Pallet

This pallet I used is about 48 inches long and 44 inches high. You can get them for free by just looking around your neighborhood. I had these in the backyard and have no idea how long they had been there. They were really water damaged so I cleaned the up the best I could and used this one which was really one of the best ones.

So once I decided on the one I wanted to use I slid it into place to see how it fit.

I have done pallet walls before they are relatively easy to do and can make a great addition to any room. Especially if your tight on space but want your space separated. The options are really limitless if you think about it. They can be used for a variety of things. I made a compost bin I will share in an upcoming blog post as well.

I decided against nailing it to the floor and used the cabinet next to the toilet to screw it to instead. Worked perfectly and no cutting of the pallet was involved.

NEXT STEP What to put on the outside

Step 2: Decide What to Put on the Outside. Be Creative

You can use any number of cheap items to decorate up the pallet with. Try looking around your house, see what you have on hand first and go from there. For this project I used some wood panels that I got from the home depot for 5.27 each. I bought 4. For an extra added effect I used a SUPERNIGHT 16.4FT SMD 5050 Waterproof 300LEDs RGB Flexible LED Strip Light Lamp + 44Key IR Remote Controller "> (Available on Amazon) that I had lying around from a previous project and some corrugated white plastic and some white duct tape.

Using a scroll saw I cut the wood panels to fit. I ended up having to cut about a half inch off the top of the second one to get it just right. I left about a half inch of the wood panel above the pallet so I could finish it off with the white corrugated plastic. Once the wood panels are cut to fit I used my electric brad nail gun to attach them to the pallet.


Step 3: Finishing the Wall

After I had the two sides secured to the pallet it was time to finish it. I cut a wood panel to fit the end cap and secured it to the pallet with the brad gun.

I ran the RGB LED Color Changing light strip and powered it up from underneath/

I secured the light strip with fasteners I bought from amazon for 2.99

I cut the corrugated white plastic into strips and placed them on top of the wood panels on each side. What this does is diffuse the light from the strip and makes it more evenly distributed. The light strip is available on amazon.

I used white duct tape on each side and carefully secured the white corrugated plastic to the wood panels about a half inch down on each side.

That's all there is to it. Just use your creativity to design a place you will love. I am Alan Hatch Master Creator stay tuned for more

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