Introduction: DIY Pallet Shelf

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What inspired me?

If you have seen a couple of my other Instructables, you will have noticed that I love obscure materials such as pallet wood, concrete and metal. I love using these in weird but wonderful projects such as phone holders, lamps and jewellery.

I recently acquired a couple of pallets my step dad and decided to make a few things. Since my little brother requested a shelf, I thought it was an idealistic situation.

What will you need?

- Two pallet lengths that are more then 3ft.

- Eight 25mm wood screws

- A measuring tape

- A pencil

- A Ruler ( 300mm)

- A Wood saw (I used a chop saw)

- Files and sand paper

- Drill Driver

- 3mm drill bit and counter sink tool

Step 1:

Use your measuring tape, to measure the length of both of the Pallet lengths you have. If they are more then 3ft, follow this step, if they are already exactly 3ft, then skip this step.

Using your measuring tape, measuring 3ft on both and mark this out with a pencil. When this is done, complete the mark by adding a single 90 degree lime. This will allow you to cut a straight line.

Step 2: Step 2 : Cutting the Pieces

Using the saw (I used chop saw), begin to cut each mark. Remember to always be alert when using such machines as this. You are always in danger so always remember to wear goggles, and to switch off the machine once not in use.

Step 3: Step 3 : the Support

Making the support is actually easy. Its just two right angled triangles. To do this measure the total width of the back piece and mark this down. Measure the width of the top shelf unit and take away the depth of the back piece then mark this down. Join up the two points and then using the chop saw, cut this line. You may need to adjust the machine.

Step 4: Step 4 : Sanding

This step is the most time consuming as you need to sand the entire surface. If you have an orbital sander then use that. It will be much easier and faster. If you feel as though the surface is too rough, you can use a wood planer to even out the surface also.

Step 5: Step 5 : Constructing the Shelf

For this step, all you need as 8 25mm screws, a counter sink bit, a 3mm drill bit and a try square. Before you start drilling holes, make sure the pieces fit together. Use a pressure clamp to secure all of these pieces together and use the tri square to make sure everything is square to each other. Use the drill to drill holes where the support will go on the back piece. Once two holes have been drilled for both supports, use the counter sink bit to counter sink the screws. Fire two screws into each support. When this is secure, place the top piece onto the top of the shelf and secure it in place using the clamp. Use the drill to drill two holes into each support. And then use a couple screws to secure it in place.

Step 6: Finished!!!

That is all really, feel free to modify the design, construction method or even just use it as a guide. Now all there is to do is secure to a wall, im sure you will know how to do that. Thank you so much for reading this. More to come.

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