Introduction: DIY Pallet Workbench

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I needed a workbench so I could stop using my animal trap as a workbench

Step 1: Materials


  1. one maybe two pallets
  2. two six foot pieces of wood (i don't know what to call them)
  3. lots of nails


  1. drill
  2. a way to take apart the pallet

Step 2: Take Apart the Pallet

take the all of the boards (except the end boards) off the top of the pallet withoutbreaking them

I don't have a prybar or any way to take the pallet apart without damaging it so I tried a few things........

  1. drill the nails out: an okay way to take it apart but time consuming
  2. use purchase with a 2x4: the 2x4 broke
  3. hammer a screw driver under the nails: doesn't work very well
  4. get some cinder blocks, put them through the spaces and jump on it : I ended up cracking the pallet and breaking another board
  5. get two hammers and try too pry the nails out: success! why i didn't do this in the first place: the nails were too far nailed in

Step 3: Hammer Those Nails Sideways

Step 4: Push the Boards Over and Screw Them In

push the boards (that you took off earlier) to one side of the pallet and screw them in NOTE: you will not have enough boards to cover the top so take off the bottom boards and screw them in

Step 5: Add Legs

cut the six foot boards in half

screw the boards to the underside corners

I screwed three screws to the side that had a vertical board and toenailed the other side do this to all of the boards

Step 6: Side Covers!

when I put the table on its legs it was kinda wobbly so I added side covers!

Step 7: DONE!

now go build something on it!

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