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Introduction: DIY Paper Crafts: Accordion Card Holder

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Card holders have become very important these days, thanks to all the debit and credit cards that we own. Therefore, having a card holder is a must and that too it should be feasible to carry it anywhere and everywhere you go. These days’ card holders are available in different shapes, sizes and a varied material are used in making the same.

We are going to make a paper accordion card holder which is light weight, easy to carry and eco-friendly. So, let’s start.

Step 1: Things Needed

  • Color and
  • printed sheets
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Glue gun
  • Golden beads
  • Decorative stone
  • Velcro
  • Decorative lace

Step 2: Let's Make the Box!

  • Take a printed sheet and draw the measurements as shown.
  • Cut along the drawn measurement. Remember to cut only the outer edges.
  • On the inner surface, run the cutter to make the folding easy.
  • Fold along the markings to get the desired shape.
  • Using glue, paste the corners of the sheet to form a box.

Step 3: Let's Make Accordion!

  • Take another sheet of paper and draw the markings to make the accordion.
  • Cut along the markings and fold the sheet several times in the shape of the accordion as shown.
  • Take 1 more sheet and draw the markings, run the cutter on these markings and fold them.
  • Now paste the larger accordion sheet to the smaller one as shown.
  • Take a sheet and draw the markings, cut along these markings and paste it to the accordion on the edges.
  • Paste this entire design inside the box using glue.

Step 4: Let's Decorate the Box!

  • Take a Velcro and fix it at the upper and lower end of the box.
  • It is now time to decorate the box.
  • Take golden colour beads and paste it on the upper surface of the box in the shape of a diamond.
  • Stick a decorative stone at the centre of the box.
  • Paste decorative lace on the sides and flap of the box.

Your cardholder is now ready for use.

Step 5: ​Conclusion

This card holder looks beautiful and carries several cards in it. Also, the decorative look makes it a feast for the eyes and you are bound to garner positive reviews for this wonderful craft.

We hope you would definitely try to make this craft at home and share your experiences and feedback with us in our comments section.

Happy crafting!!

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