DIY Paper Cup Dispenser



Introduction: DIY Paper Cup Dispenser

Learn how to make your own paper cup dispenser using recyclable materials.

Things you will need:

  • 2 medium-sized boxes
  • Box cutter
  • 1.5 or 2 L PET bottles
  • Tape
  • Cartolina or wrapping paper (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • 1/4 illustration board (optional)
  • Marker

Step 1: Cut an Opening in the Box.

Draw a 5" x 12" rectangle at the bottom of the box. Cut along the lines you have drawn. This will be the opening of the cup dispenser.

Step 2: Cut Out the Flaps of the Top Part of the Box.

Step 3: Cut the Top Part of Another Box.

Measure 2 inches from the top of another box. Using the lines you have drawn as your guide, cut the top part of the box. Attach the piece to the top of the previous box.

Step 4: Make an Inner Support Using Illustration Board or Leftover Cardboard.

Cut a piece of illustration board with the same length and width as the inside of the box. Cut a hole with a 2 inch diameter at the middle of the illustration board. Attach the illustration board near the top of the box using glue or tape.

Step 5: Attach the Cardboard Piece From Step 3 to the Top of the Box.

Step 6: Cover the Box With Cartolina or Wrapping Paper.

Step 7: Trace Out the Body of the Dispenser on the PET Bottle (Bottom).

Mark the visible plastic ring near the bottom. Mark a circle 1/2 inch from the plastic ring bottomwards.

Step 8: Trace Out the Body of the Dispenser on the PET Bottle (Bottom).

Place the cup that will be dispensed on the top of the bottle. Trace around the cup using a marker and draw another circle 1/2 inch on top of the previously drawn circle.

Step 9: Cut Out the Body of the Dispenser From the PET Bottle.

Cut along the outermost rings.

Step 10: Cut the Top Flaps.

The PET bottle dispenser will rest on the cardboard box. The flaps at the top of the bottle will prevent the PET bottle from sliding down.

Cut downwards from the bottom of the bottle to the aforementioned line 12 times to form 12 flaps.

Step 11: Cut the Teeth.

The PET bottle dispenser separates each cup from the rest of the stack with 12 teeth.

Cut downwards from the top of the bottle to the marked line 12 times to form 12 teeth.

Step 12: Cut the Plastic Sheet.

The PET bottle dispenser is not directly in contact with the top of the box. The top flaps are on top of a plastic sheet that acts as additional support.

Cut a hole the width of the bottom of the PET bottle in the center of a plastic sheet.

Step 13: Attach Components.

Place plastic sheet on top of box and align holes. Insert PET bottle dispenser.

Step 14: Finished!

Place your paper cups inside and enjoy using your DIY paper cup dispenser!

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