Introduction: DIY Paper Stand for Smartphone (No Glue )

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In this tutorial i will show you how to make this awesome paper stand for your mobile phone .Simply follow the steps and you can make it easily. It can sustain a good amount of weight as its overall structure is in pyramidal shape the only thing you need is a simple sheet of A4 size paper .let's get started!

Step 1: Gather All Material

A4 size paper


Step 2: Folding of Paper 1

Fold the paper in half then grab on of the corner and fold it as shown in the image ,do this with all the corners one by one

Step 3: Folding Along Black Lines and Arrows

as shown in the picture fold one quarter of the paper after that fold the corners forming small triangle as shown in the picture after that fold them upward then turn down the paper and fold the below corners as labelled in the picture. Do this with both the ends.

Step 4: Folding It to Get Shape

Fold the upper corner as shown in the picture ,then open all the four folds and turn around the paper.

After that fold the paper joining one end with center line as shown in the picture.

Again turn down the paper and using ruler fold the paper horizontally as shown.

Then grab one corner and join it to the center point below

Step 5: Completing It

Now take both the ends and pull them in direction shown by the arrow and you get a small triangle at the bottom which you need to push inside the pyramid as shown .

Congratulations you have made it it really holds your phone nicely and you can watch movies ,videos,etc.



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