Introduction: DIY – Paper Wheel

This is one of my favorite instructables.

You can do this with very nice foil paper stripes or and some craft paper.

If you vary the widh of the paper, your project will be bigger.

So lets start! ;-)


You need:


Paper stripes 1cm x 16 meters (you need 4x4m. you can use shorter stripes and add new ones!)


Step 1:

Here I used 4 different styles of stripes, so you can seethe difference.

Glue the 4 stripes togeather.

Step 2:

After you glue the first 4 paperstripes you take the ends and fold over the middle, crosswise.

This creates an octagon from a square center.

Step 3:

After you fold the for stripes the last strip is pushed under as in the picture.

Step 4:

If you do not have approx. 4 m strips at a time, you have to stick the strips on the ends and continue folding after the glue is dry.

Step 5:

So have fun with this project.

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