Introduction: DIY Paper-cut Lightbox Dioarama

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Hey! I love the light box. I want to an easy light box for me :) You can make one for you or anyone :)

♥️ materials:
▫️ A4 paper

▫️ utiliti knife

▫️ a box or 3d frame

▫️ hot glue gun

▫️ cardboard

▫️ white glue

Step 1: Cut the Paper for Your Size of 3d Box.

Cut the paper for your size of 3d box. I cutted 21cm x 21cm.

Step 2: Leave 2 Cm Space at the Edges.

This step is important. If you make it, your box looks amazing and perfect :)

Step 3: Cut Your Pattern.

This pattern is optional. You can make everything. I add to the last step some photos for idea :) They are the original 'paper light box diorama'. They are not my crafts. :) My craft is just this project and video :)

Step 4: All Layers a Little Big Than Previous.

All layers a little big than previous.

Step 5: Cut All Layers for This Method.

Cut all layers for this method. Be carefull.

Step 6: Use a 3D Box

I use a chocolate box for it :) You can use 3D frame. This is optional.

Step 7: Cut the Cardboard.

Use a material for inter-layer height. I use a cardboard. This step is important, because if there is no distance between layers, the layers are unclear. Cut the cardboard 0.5 cm. This is enough for height.

Step 8: Glue All Layers and Cardboards.

Turn the inner side of the box. Firtsly glue the biggest layer and add some cardboard liners for 4 sides. and again glue 2nd layer (this layer a little small than the biggest layer). and again cardboard liners and 3rd layer and again again again :) I used the hot glue gun. You can use any glue. But of course you know, hot glu gun is super fast :)

Step 9: Paste the Last Layer of Pattern.

My pattern is that. Paste the last layer of pattern. And add a white paper for the end of box.

Step 10: It Looks Like That.

It looks like that.

Step 11: My Paper Cut Light Box Is Ready :)

You can add a led light strip for back of box. This is optional but I recommend the led light strip.

Step 12: Sample Studies for Ideas

They are instagram: @harianddeepti

Step 13: You Can Watch My Video for All Details of All Steps.

Please don't forget write a comment :) Thank you so much. Hope you like it.