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Introduction: DIY Patchwork Scarf

Recently I bought a Liberty of London sample pack at the Tokyo Quilt Festival.  When I bought it, I wasn't really sure what I could make with 50 4"x4" squares, but I was so in love with the colors and it was a great price - I couldn't resist.  I'm glad I didn't, because this scarf turned out to be the perfect project for this little sample pack.  It could also be a great way to use up scraps from your stash!

Here are the supplies you'll need:

50 4"x4" squares of fabric
1/2 yard fabric for backing at least 44"wide
sewing machine/thread

Step 1: Step 1

Design your scarf by laying the squares into two rows of 25

Step 2: Step 2

Piece the scarf by sewing 4 squares into one larger square using 1/4" seams, like this:

*select the first four squares in the scarf,

*sew two squares along one edge
 be sure to press the seams open,

*repeat with the other two squares.

*Sew these four together, matching up the center seam, using 1/4" seam.

*press the seams open.

*continue this process until you have 12 large squares and an extra 2 small squares sewn together (that should equal 50).

Step 3: Step 3

Next, sew the larger pieces to one another, right sides together, to form a long scarf (again use 1/4" seams and press them open).

Step 4: Step 4

Cut out the back - two pieces 44" x 7.5".  Sew them end to end, right sides together, to form one long piece 87.5" x 7.5"

Step 5: Step 5

Pin the back to the front, right sides together.
Sew along the edge, using 1/4" seams, but leave about 3" open at one end.

Step 6: Step 6

Trim any uneven edges (you don't want it making your seams bulky) and cut the corners.

Flip the scarf right sides out.

Step 7: Step 7

Press under raw edges of the opening and pin.  Start there, and top stitch around all the edges 1/4".  I used a contrasting thread for this to make it decorative.  This step will take  your scarf from looking homemade to handmade.

Step 8: Wear It!

Enjoy wearing your new scarf!  You can see more of my projects over at  Stay warm!

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    Well thank u very much for all the instructions ,, I have been looking for this for over two weeks now ,, thank u