Introduction: DIY Pencil&Phone Holder

hello today i will show you yes you how to make a DIY Pencil&Phone Holder I hope you would like my pencil holder

everything you need:




Glue Gun

Paint (yellow,black,blue)


Optional :


Wired headphone

Step 1: Cutting Time

cut the cardboard to the shape on the photo

Step 2: Cardboard or Foam Board

you should have 2 foam body part for each side for the durability

Step 3: Sticking Time

You should stick both of the foam board together and do the same for the other one to last way longer (you should use glue gun) but do it x2 because for the other side

Step 4: The Rock Time

sorry that I didn’t have a photo of the rock but put rocks in the back of the bus and glue gun then so you don’t here the rocks shaking all the time all you will cover it. You shall see that it’s covered. The rocks are used for the balancing the bus when you put a iPad and iPhone.

Step 5: Pencil Holder Time

you shall make a place for the place to hold the pencils or tablet,phone accessories and after all that your ready to paint

Step 6: Time for the Painting

you shall paint the Side yellow the wheel shall be painted black and same for the siren black and do the same for the other side, in the front of the bus make it look like the bus, everything else shall be black

Step 7: The Final Product

this is how your DIY Pencil&Phone holder should look like ,but I think you’re DIY Pencil&Phone holder should look better and that’s it I would hope you will enjoy your day

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