Introduction: DIY Phone Magnetic Macro Lens

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Making your own macro lens is easy. But we are teaching you something new!

Make your own MAGNETIC macro lens that sticks to your phone! Turn your phone into a macro camera instantly.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

All you need to make your own magnetic macro lens is the followings:

1. Magnetic tape

2. Pen knife

3. Scissor

4. A small convex lens

You can get the first 3 items from your local stationery store.

For the lens, you have many options, you can a plastic one from your old DVD player. Or some condensing lens from unused or broken LED torches or even small projectors. Convex lens from disposable camera is usable as well.

Otherwise, if you are looking for higher quality lens, like an aspheric lens, you can go online to Edmund Optics or Knight Optical... Beware, those lenses are not cheap, it could easily cost up to 15 - 30 dollar per lens.

Step 2: Putting It Together

1. Cut a small piece of magnetic tape (1cm long)

2. Make a small hole in the centre of it, a hole big enough not to obscure your phone's camera

3. Place your lens on the adhesive side of the tape.

4. Trim off the edges of the tape

5. You have got your own magnetic macro lens! Place it on your iPhone and you're ready to go!

Step 3: Alternative...

If you don't have a magnetic tap, you can use a micro suction sheet, you can get one of those from inventables.

Making the hole is easier if you have a big paper punch, that will do the job!

This is what we have actually gone through before making it into a more professionally looking one we called MAGcro.

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