Introduction: DIY Phone Charger

Welcome, today I'll show you how to make phone charger

Step 1: Beautiful Appearance, Safety and Power Supply

We'll neeAlso it would be desirable that the box is made of plastic to prevent a short circuitd a box in which we can settle our charger and cable which will serve as a power supply.

Step 2: Low Voltage Power Supply

In this step, we will lower the voltage of 220V (Europe) or 110V (America) to 6V and Max. 200mA. Then we obtained voltage transformer to stabilize using the voltage stabilizer to 5V. Also obtained voltage on the transformer have to turn in one direction.

Step 3: The Necessary Components for Voltage Stabilizer

Now you will see what are the components necessary for voltage stabilizer


-capacitor 22nF

-electrolytic capacitor 25V 100uF

-diode bridge about 50V 1 or 2A

-voltage stabilizer KA7805


Step 4: Scheme

Step 5: Assembly

I put in a box all you need. But the box was a bit shorter so I added that this sheet is extended. In my case I put the plate on the side of the transformer where the voltage of city power grid, so I was careful and well insulate contacts to avoid short-circuiting. In case the YOU DO THE SAME OR SIMILAR AND ANY ELECTRICAL SHOCK YOU ASSUME THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR NO EFFORT, so please isolate GOOD SERVICE AT TRANSFORMER which connects to the city network. PCB with images I did not soldered PCB I got a little got done, beautified. Eventually it will be seen and you see what it looks like the final solder. It would also be desirable to put a fridge in the KA7805.

Step 6: Paintwork

I used black spray because the black box

Step 7: Videos

Videos on my channel on Youtube.

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