Introduction: DIY Phone to Tripod Adapter

Phones take nowhere near the quality of pictures that professional cameras take, but that's besides the point. They are meant to capture unexpected life moments that one may encounter on a day to day basis. Phones are so helpful since many individuals carry them throughout the day making it the ideal form of photography for beginners and DIY'ers. As many of you already know, phones and tripods don't play well together. They can't connect to each other without using some sort of an adapter. And this is where the instructable comes in:

DIY Phone to Tripod Adapter

In five simple steps, you can attach a phone to a tripod

Step 1: What You Will Need:

For this simple project, you will need only 4 household items. They are:

1. Binder clip: You need one that is big enough for your phone to fit in; plus an extra cm. or so for a soft material to protect your phone.

2. A small piece of foam board or some other form of padding: This will be used on the inside of the binder clip in order to protect the phone.

3. Super glue or hot glue: Any method of adhesion will work, but I chose these two. All you need is to secure a nut to the binder clip.

4. A Nut or anything that can fit onto the threads of a tripod: A normal tripod takes a 1/4 in. nut and the nut must be thick enough to not let there be a gap between your phone and tripod.


1. Cutting Utensil: You need some way to cut the foam.

2. Sand Paper: Any fine grit sand paper will work, it does not matter which grit.

3. Hot Glue Gun: You need this to glue the foam padding down.

4. Ruler: Used to trace and cut the foam out

5. Pencil: Used to mark the foam.

Step 2: Cutting the Right Size Foam Strips for Your Binder Clips

First off, you need to place your binder clip on the piece of foam.

Next, you need mark the foam to make the length of the foam piece.

Then, mark the width of the rectangle which is 1.5 cm.

Then, using those marks, cut out the rectangle.

Lastly, cut the rectangle in half, making the width of each rectangle 1/2 cm (It does not need to be precise)

Step 3: Gluing the Foam to the Binder Clip

First, you have to peel the paper off of both sides of the foam board.

Finally, apply the adhesive of your choice to each side of the binder clip and attach the foam. (I chose hot glue)

Step 4: Attaching the Nut to the Binder Clip

If you feel the bottom of the binder clip, it is pretty smooth. When gluing two things together, you want the surfaces to adhere to each other and create a strong bond. To do this, you need to sand both the bottom of the binder clip and the nut.

Next, apply the adhesive of your choice (I used super glue on the bottom and then put hot glue on the sides) to the nut and attach the nut to the bottom of the binder clip

Step 5: How to Attach Your Phone to the Tripod

You did it! You finished the tutorial of how to make a phone to tripod adapter. Now, all you have to do is attach your phone to the binder clip and flick the two silver flaps up and screw it into the tripod.

Thank you so much for viewing and possibly completing this instructable

Step 6: Test Film

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