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Introduction: DIY Phonebook Wallet

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This wallet is made from an old phone book, or newspaper. The wallet takes only a few minuets to make... and uses only a few sheets of paper (phonebook page), tape and a cutting device.(scissors or a knive)

Be creative, you can do what I did, and use the page of the phonebook that has your number on it, or even use a page with your freinds number. Either way, its a pretty sweet wallet.

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Step 1: Grab a Phone Book, Cutting Device (scissors or a Knive) and Some Scotch Tape.

This instructable will be on how to make a Bifold wallet, you could also make a trifold wallet just as easily.

To makle a phonebook wallet, you will need:

1. A phonebook or news paper.
2. A knife or scissors
3. Some tape.
4. Hands

Go grab all that stuff.... and tear out a few pages of the phone book or news paper.

cut 1 or 2 of the sheets so that you have 2 sheets about the same size as the ones in pic 3.

Step 2: The Bill Holding Part of the Wallet.

fold the bigger sheet in half, this will make one of the two cash pockets... to make the other one.. put the smaller sheet on top of the folded one.

Tape it all down, make sure you tape 3 sides, and leave the top open.

Step 3: The Card Holders.

now, cut your self some small strips of paper that are a little bit bigget than a credit card, or business card.

then tape them onto the wallet, leaving either the top or the side of each holder open to insert the cards.

Step 4: Your All Done

Thats it, you made a wallet out of a phone book! you never have to lose important phone numbers again! Have fun with it, and see how many comments you get on your killer awsome wallet.

if you want to make it a little bit more water resistant, you can put tape over the whole thing, like I did.

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    Yes the nerf gun is random ( still awsome) but one thing, if you circled the important numbers with a pen you would never forget those numbers. So it keeps money and reminds you of phone numbers!

    theres one thing that you gotta understand. presentation presentation presentation. its like writeing a good essay with sloppy print. the words are good but cant be seen. adding a nerf gun and telling the people that you shot a phonebook pic of a kid is kinda disturbing. you could take that out and add better pics to. well thats just my idea. no offence.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    I made my little brother one... he has had it for a few months now, and its totally fine. The nerf gun is there because i had nerf darts in one of my pics... and i saw an oprotinuity to show off my newest modded gun. :) Thanks for the comment.