Introduction: DIY Photo Frame for Less Than $ 5

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Hola folks!

I was scrolling through some instructables and found so many photo frames kind of thing and i thought why can't i make a cool one. This instructable was an outcome of that. I savaged all parts from stuffs that i found in my house, apart from printing the image. This will not be a Step-by-Step guide, it's more of a how i made the frame. If you find it interesting, make your own version of it :)

The one thing i most liked was this one. Hence i thought i should make a peculiar version of my own <3

Step 1: Materials I Have Utilized.

The following were materials i have used.

  1. An old Picture Frame( Which i savaged from a dumpster)
  2. Handmade Craft Sheets( 30 INR Approx: 0.5 $)
  3. 4X1 Foam Sheets.
  4. Some Skull and Pirate stuffs that i found in a gift shop (150 INR 2.5 $ Approx)
  5. A3 Size printed Image

I have chosen the frame based on the image i have printed. Since it was A3 Size, My frame size was closer to 11 X 18 Inches. I have to remove a little bit to perfectly match the frame.

Step 2: Cutting Part

Multi-layer Image

In order to get a 3D look i have gone for a multi-layer image method which i found in several instructables. Mine has not gone so well but it have added some value to my final output. Mine had two layers, one which projects Jack sparrow and another one containing the original poster.

Decorative Frame

The frame which i savaged was kind of simple and small in size. Hence i used foam sheets to make a simple frame which overlays over the original wooden frame.


Glass was cleaned to provide better transparency :P

Step 3: Building the Bare Frame


  • Foam sheets were glued over the wooden frame and Hand made craft sheets are used for decorative purpose.
  • Since Glue was used, I used thread to hold things together for an hour.
  • Glass was placed and the multi-layer image was placed inside the frame.
  • Another wooden cardboard was placed behind to keep things intact.( All the things are used from the old frame)
  • I used nails to hold things together

Step 4: Decoration

I was astonished by the bare one. I haven't imagined it will look like that. Like everyone i thought i could make it better, Hence bought some skulls and used some coins to decorate the frame.

The back of the Frame looked empty, Added a pirate map :P

Antique sheets

  • I made A4 sheets look like antique sheets by dyeing them with tea bags.
  • Drawn a pirate map behind it and pasted it behind the frame.

The decorative items were pasted using Hot glue Gun

Step 5: Final Stage

  • A place holder was placed to hang the Frame
  • removed unnecessary parts from the craft sheets
  • painted places where paint was dull or minimal

The outcome was astonishing. I was not able to take a clear picture of the frame sorry for being poor photography skills. Any how Thanks to Fellow authors who have posted their Awesome tutorials. Believe me I made this with less than 300 INR which is closer to 5 USD

Good day Amigos!

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