DIY Photo Light Booth 3/4" PVC Pipe.

Introduction: DIY Photo Light Booth 3/4" PVC Pipe.

Without the right lighting, taking product images can be a challenge. I wanted to share my attempt at taking control of the lights. The simple materials used for this build can be found online or any major hardware store. I did not glue anything together. This way we can tear it down or change the size.

The light fixtures were defused with plastic materials placed over the lens. The led lamps burn cool and will not burn the plastic covers.

Step 1: DIY Hooded Light Booth Frame.

Simple versatile ¾ inch PVC 40 PE Pipe frame on a table top.

Step 2: Under Table Mount

Mounted PVC tube frame under table top. This will give the table top a cleaner work area. Simply screwed the pipes close to the capped ends with a drywall screw. Screwing close to the ends will help secure the pipe. Pre drilled the holes to make it an easy fit.

Step 3: Plastic Hood

A plastic corrugated sheet was placed over the top to provide a secure hood.

Step 4: Black Cloth Cover

A black table cloth enclosed the booth. Using a pvc pipe snapon clamp I secured the cloth on the pipe.

Step 5: Mounting Camera Arm

Mounted an articulating Manfrotto 244 arm on the table for the camera station

Step 6: Simple Lighting Fixtures

Used 4 IKEA desk light fixtures to source our lighting.

Step 7: Green Backdrop

For easily editing your images a green Chrono-chrome backdrop does a good job. CJ says its a snap. But the green reflections could prove otherwise.

Step 8: Lighting Power Supply

A tripplite power supply under the table top to keep the work area clean.

Lights were covered with plastic light defuser.

Step 9: Jig

Made a jig to suspend subject into the middle of the light booth.

This 20 dollar tool for cutting is a must. Forget sawing, it's a mess and no fun. Invest in this cutter.

Connectors can be found on ebay and home depot.

  1. Home depot had the basics.
  2. For the other connectors I am sourced off eBay

Step 10: Lights Power Supply

  1. Philips lights bulbs were recommended by a tech.
  2. Tripplite power supply shown.

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    8 years ago

    When I'm in Photoshop I can see that the green has reflected on the object and since I'm new at photoshop how can I get rid of the green that's reflected onto the object ?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes you will need to block out reflections with a whiteboard. Finding reflections can be tricky but well worth the effort. Right CJ?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Here are a couple baffles we used to kill reflection. The further away you get from the green board the less reflection you will see. The closer your subject is to the focus is better as well.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You can try to use the - dropper on the color range to include that particular shade of green or you can outline that green with a pen tool and change it or keep it on a new layer. I do understand what you mean, especially on black products as they have a larger specular level than white. Awesome job on the instructable though.