Introduction: DIY Photo Studio

Ever wish you could get great, photo studio quality photos, but without paying the price? With this instructable, I will walk you through the process of building a mini-studio.

Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed:
-Medium/Large Posterboard (Color of your choice, I like white)
-Lamp with adjustable arm
-Large binder clip
-Sticky tack or Tape

Other Recommended Materials
-Camera (I used a Panasonic Lumix for this Instructable)
-Photography Subject

Step 2: Construction

Construction is very straightforward. This step will vary depending on the size of the posterboard and the type of desk you have. (Note, you could also build a setup similar to this on a floor, assuming you have a good way to provide lighting)

Step 1- Clip bottom of the posterboard to the desk with the large binder clip.
Step 2- Tack the top of the posterboard to the upper edge of the desk.
Step 3- Angle the lamp. As you are shooting pictures, you can adjust the angle so your shadow does not interfere with your work.

Step 3: Snap Away!

Now the fun part! Place whatever you are shooting in the center of the booth. The aim is to have only to only have the backdrop in the picture. You can always crop them, but I like the clean look of a solid colored backdrop.

Step 4: Conclusion

Other Tips:
-The lamp gets hot!
-If your camera has a "Macro" setting, use it! It is specifically for close ups. (The icon looks like a little flower)
-Let the camera focus. Most newer cameras have an automatic focus that can't do its job properly if you snap away while the image on the camera screen is still blurry. If it's clear on the little screen, chances are it will turn out well.

I hope you found this Instructable informative and helpful! Thanks for reading!