DIY Picture Frame Bow Holder

Introduction: DIY Picture Frame Bow Holder

Does your daughter have a TON of bows?? Mine does! This easy and very cheap DIY Projest for a Picture Frame Bow Holder will solve a lot of your bow storage issues while making some insanely cute wall art for her bedroom or bathroom at the same time!

Before we begin on the how-to section, let me start off by saying I spent approx. $5 making this project only because I did not already have ribbon or a frame that I wanted to use. I started by going to a local flea market, and after some searching found this $2 picture frame and i knew immediately it was perfect for the style of bow holder I wanted to create. I then went to a local WalMart and bought 3 spools of ribbon, approx $1 each. The other items needed I already had at my home and some of you may have EVERYTHING you need already!

Time: 15 minutes

Cost: $0-$10

*Measurements for ribbon will depend on frame size.

Staple gun or glue gun
Picture frame (any size)
Decorative accent for frame (optional)

1. Grab a picture frame of any size. Remove the glass and any staples or nails from the frame itself.
2. Grab some ribbon, you can use any size or colors that you wish. I used 3 colors of %u215E" ribbon.
3. Depending on the size of frame you're using, measure your ribbon so it is the same length as the frame (with a little left over). You will want your ribbon to run vertically (up and down) the frame.
5. Now, using a staple gun or glue gun, arrange the ribbon horizontally along the BACK of the frame (the side that will face the wall). Staple or glue the ribbon strips into place leaving at least 1-2 inches between each ribbon. If you have large bows, space them further apart.
6. Once the ribbon strips are in place on the frame and any glue is dry (if you used glue) get yourself a length of ribbon long enough to create a hanging device for the frame. Make a bow in the ribbon and add some hot glue to secure. Take the ends of the ribbon and staple or hot glue to the inside of the BACK of the frame (side that faces the wall)
Trim any ribbon that may be showing, and add any jewels, flowers, or cute accents to the frame - optional of course! I used a white fabric flower with pearl accents in the top right corner.
7. Add bows and you are FINISHED!

*Need something for headbands?? Add small metal c-hooks to the bottom of the frame and hang your daughters headbands off of them!

Want to make something funky? Modge lodge your frames with scrapbook paper or embellish with gems, flowers, or other items!
Use a variety of small and large frame to create a collage :)

Thanks so much for reading! If you have questions please visit

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