DIY Pipe Desk That ANYONE Can Build | No Power Tools Required




Introduction: DIY Pipe Desk That ANYONE Can Build | No Power Tools Required

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Materials You Need

Tools Needed

Step 1: Cut the Conduit

The first step in building this super simple desk is cutting the conduit. You can customize the lengths to a specific size and table top if you want while still making the same connections and using the same 8 connectors. If you want to build the desk exactly how we did here are the 11 pipe lengths you need.

  • 4 x 30" (These are the legs)
  • 3 x 40" (These connect the frame from side to side)
  • 4 x 18" (These connect the from from front to back)

If you need help learning how to use the pipe and tube cutter, check out this video tutorial.

Step 2: Add 90 Degree Connectors to the Top of All Four 30" Pipes

Add four 90 Degree Connectors to the top of the four 30" pipes, these are the legs of the desk. There's no need to full tighten the connectors just yet, so just hand tighten until the connectors stay in place. For a detailed look of the 90 Degree Connector assembly, check out this video.

Step 3: Add Two 90's & Two T's to the Bottom of the 30" Legs

If you still have a tape measure handy, mark the pipes about 8 inches from the very bottom of the four 30" pipes. The two pipes with 4 90's attached are the back legs. The two pipes with 90's on top and T's on the bottom are the front legs. If you don't have a tape measure close by, you can align the pipes side by side and hand tighten the connectors on the pipes in the same position. For a detailed view of the T Connector Assembly, check out this video.

Step 4: Add Two of the 40" Connecting Pipes

Recall from earlier that the two back legs are the pipes with 90's on top and bottom. Add two of the 40 inch pipes running from side to side connecting the two back legs. Tighten until the pipes are secure, but not completely torqued down quite yet.

Step 5: Add the Final 40" Pipe

Recall that the front two legs have two 90's on top and two T's on the bottom. Add the final 40" pipe from one 90 Degree Connector to the other. This is the front of the desk and and should look like an upside down u when completed.

Step 6: Connect the Front and Back Legs

Use the four 18" pipes to connect the front and back legs. Once all four pipes are inserted, tighten all of the connectors using your 5mm hex wrench. Remember to go back and tighten the bolts that were inserted earlier in the build. Tighten the connections completely.

Step 7: Add the Table Top

Set the table top on the ground upside down, and align the desk frame on top in the desired position. Once you are happy with the placement, add all four one hole straps to the frame. With your Phillips head screw driver screw the four 8 x 1/2" wood screws through the straps into the table top. With all four legs sticking straight up in the air, you can easily add the 3/4" EMT ends caps into the pipes. This keeps the floor safe from scratching caused by the exposed conduit end.

Step 8: Enjoy Your New Desk!

Just like that you have a new desk to use and enjoy! There are a ton of customization options available for this desk design like adding some color with heat shrink wrap or add casters to make it mobile! The table top used in this build is stain ready so you can add a beautiful finish if desired. For more inspiration on desk customization check out this community desk build roundup.

If you need any help at all with your project feel free to contact us here. Did you build this desk or one similar, if so we'd love to see it! Share your desk build in our free DIY community. Thanks for checking out our pipe desk tutorial!

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