Introduction: DIY Pipe Lamp

This pipe lamp is designed totally to give a better ambiance . The small LED inside bottle gives looker an refreshing scene of fireflies buzzing around.A tree like structure is designed using PVCS and bulbs are placed at the end.It is Easy and fast to do. Check out.

Step 1: Materials

Here is a checklist of materials you will need :

1.PVC pipes(5 small pipes , 2 T-connectors,2 L-connectors)


3.bulb holder


5.Spray paints

6.Empty glass bottle( with a larger base)

7.LED light strips


9. Insulating tape

10. fevi kwik


12.connecting wires

Step 2: Structure Matters !

Take the pipes , PVC connectors and connect it as shown in the picture to make a branched structure, keep the branches in different planes so that it gives a 3-D feel to the looker.Put LED strips inside the bottle and keep it ready.

Step 3: Circuit Connection and Caution

Measure the length of pipe parts chose and cut the wires accordingly . you will now have a 3 wires , one is main wire and other 2 belong to the branches. Now connect the branch wires to the main wire at the necessary position.Connect the main wire's one end to the bulb holder and connect other end to the plug.

Caution :

1. Be careful when making connection and testing it.

2. Wound the wires with insulating tape at the joints properly.

We did face some minor shocks while handling the wires. STAY SAFE !

Step 4: Time to Assemble!

You need an iron tube for this, which you can easily get from a scrap metal shop or your household scrap.Take an iron tube that solves the purpose of keeping the pipe structure steady. This pipe should be inside both the bottle and PVC structure.Fix the tube straight using M-seal.Now join the PVC structure and Bottle.


Step 5: Okay! Let's Paint!

Finally paint the PVC pipes with the colors according to your desire.

Here we have sprayed the PVC pipes black and bulb holder yellow for better contrast . We chose black to give the looker the antique effect and let the bulb dominate the whole lamp. I suggest you to use color spray if available as it saves time and gives better finish. But even paint will do the job.

You can think of any good combination with better contrast and shades.Here is a color wheel to help you choose your combination .


1.PVC pipes(5 small pipes , 2 T-connectors,2 L-connectors)- 60/-

2.M-seal- 20/-

3.bulb holder- 45/-

4.bulb- 60/-

5.grill paints(100ml) - 25/-

6.LED light strips- 100/-

7. Insulating tape- 10/-

8.fevi kwik- 20/-

9.connecting wires- 24/-

10: paint brush - 30/-

Total : 394/-

Enjoy your lamp ! :)