DIY Pixel Art Magnets Made With Paper-Super Easy



Introduction: DIY Pixel Art Magnets Made With Paper-Super Easy

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Hello! Today I will be making an instructable after a long time.The reason for that is I have been very busy in school, but now I am back.Today I will be teaching you to make this super fun and easy magnet DIY. This is a very fun and simple art to make and you do not need a lot of experience in drawing. I decided to do a Pokéball since I love Pokémon.

Step 1: Materials

For this quick and simple DIY project you will need:

-Color pencils or Markers (Not Pictured)

-Packing Tape


-Graph Paper

-Adhesive Backed Magnets

Step 2: Drawing

On the graph paper, draw the image you would like to be your magnet. Draw the image as Pixel Art, which is done by coloring squares on the graph paper.I am doing a Pokéball.After you have drawn the image color it in. If you do not have ideas for what to draw, you can search up some ideas on the internet.

Step 3: Cutting and Taping

After you are done drawing your image on the graph paper, cut it out. After you have cut out the image, cover the whole image with tape. Be sure to tape the front and the back so the image does not rip. After you are done with the taping, trim off the unneeded tape.

Step 4: Magnet

After you have trimmed off the unneeded tape, flip your image over and peel off the sticky back paper off the magnet. Stick the magnet on the back of the image. Then you are done and you have an amazing DIY Pixel art magnet.

Step 5: Conclusion

The image shows the result of my magnet, and I say the results are amazing in my opinion. Please try this DIY out and share your opinion on this DIY in the comments. Please share this DIY with your friends. I hope you have fun making this project.

Step 6:

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