DIY Plastic Magnet Material Holder




Introduction: DIY Plastic Magnet Material Holder

Hello, this project I decided to do something that will benefit me and my brother since I am a very organized person and when I see my brothers desk I want to explode so I decided to help him and myself out and make something made out of plastic to help him be more organized.

Step 1: Intro to Design

Design thinking is a way that people think to understand our user, to make better ideas and to redefine problems and create solutions that will last a long time. Design thinking is important when designing because with this thinking you can make way better ideas that are durable and that your user will enjoy. This time my design was simple but hard since I had trouble with my materials, I decided to make something with plastic to leave utensils or things you need for school at an easy reach. The materials I used for this project were water bottles, the metal holder and the things on the back of the water bottles and holder that I used for my project to work.

Step 2: Discovery and Interpretation

Empathy is when we understand the feelings of someone else and this fits with design thinking since it helps me understand what my use needs and how I should do my project. My user for this project was my brother and I chose him because his desk is always very messy and it bothers me because I am an organized person(the picture above is how his materials look in his desk recreated). The interpretation phase is when I ask my user about what he needs me to do for the project and what challenges I might have to solve. Some drivers I came up with my brother was to have a durable, easy to use, simple, and cheap project. Some constraints that we came up with were to find the right materials, to find something that can last a lot, and to find something that can be used easily.

Step 3: Ideation

Ideation is the process where we come up with how we are going to make our project. In this process, I made several designs of how I wanted to make project, and each time I improved my idea by adding new things and making my idea better, here are some sketches to show you how I progress my ideas even if it is a little progression.

Step 4: Prototype

1. So first I cut the water bottles into the form where I can put something in them, I dried them all up after I cut them.

2. I pasted the magnet into the bottle since it only pastes to walls by itself not water bottles, then it was ready to go

I enjoyed making this project when I started building but getting the materials was really hard because I took a long time to find the magnets, in the picture is how they paste in the wall, they hold on really well because of the magnet because I tried other things and it didn't work so the magnets were worth the wait.

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