Introduction: DIY Plastic PVC Giant Snowflake

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Simple and Easy Giant Snowflakes for your Holiday Decorating 2018.

Total time to put this together was about 1/2 an hour

You can hang them from the eves of your porch or use a piece of rebar driven into the ground for a free standing piece of art. There are a number of different ways you could make them stand out, you could wrap lights around them or illuminate them with a spotlight. I chose however not to do either one and just left them as is.

They are fully customizable so use your imagination to add your own touches to them.

Step 1: Parts List

Obviously here the price varies depending on if you have any of the following items on hand. Total parts for each snowflake was around 40.00 adding lights or other add-ons will cost a bit more.


(16) 45 degree 1/2" elbows these run about .49 ea. at the home depot

(16) 1/2" cross t's 1.49 ea.

(2) 8' 1/2" pvc pipe 2.20 ea.

(8) 1/2" T's 1.29 ea

PVC glue if you want to glue it together

PVC Cutter

Step 2: Create the Center of Your Snowflake

  1. Start with a 1/2 PVC T and cut two 2" PVC pipe lengths and push into the sides of the T. if you want a larger center piece for your snowflake cut larger lengths of pipe.
  2. Take 2 45 degree 1/2" elbows and place on the ends of the PVC pipe.
  3. Keep adding pipe, elbows and T's until you complete the center
  4. if you want to glue the pieces together you may do so.

Step 3: Create Your Arms for Your Snowflake

  1. cut a six inch piece of 1/2" PVC pipe and place a 1/2" cross on one end insert the other end into the center piece you created on the previous step. Cut another 6 inch piece pf pipe and insert in the top of the cross place another cross on one end. Cut a 2" of PVC pipe and place in the top of that cross.
  2. Cut 4 four inch pieces of PVC pipe and place in the sides of each cross.
  3. Continue making arms for your snowflake until you have completed the snowflake
  4. Add any personal touches you want to add like lights, paint, glitter etc.
  5. Display
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