Introduction: DIY Plastic String (from a PET Bottle) *UPCYCLING*

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Today I show you how to make 15 - 20 meters of plastic string from one 1-liter PET bottle.

At these days, we throw all the plastic bottles (deposit-free) away immediately. But some things can be reused easily, such as (deposit-free) plastic bottles.

WATCH my video on YouTube : DIY Plastic String (from a PET bottle)

or look at my photo gallery as shown below

It's so easy ... You will not believe it

Re- / Upcycling is the future !

BUT BE CAREFUL !!! The blade of the pencil sharpener is very sharp. DO NOT HURT YOURSELF !!!


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Step 1: You Need:

- a knife

- a screwdriver

- 2 screws

- 6 washers

-a pencil sharpener ( 1 blade )

and an empty PET bottle

Step 2: The Screws and Washers

Take 3 washers and one screw and screw them, as you can see on the photo, on a wooden plate.

Do it 2 times with a distance of about 5 mm

Step 3: The Blade

Take one blade from a pencil sharpener and put it between the 1st. and 2nd. washer (from TOP) as you can see on the photos. The sharp side away from you !!! Be CAREFULL !!! Don't hurt yourself !!!

Step 4: The Bottle

Take an empty PET bottle and cut off the end ( with a sharp knife) ! BE CAREFULL ! Don't hurt yourself !!

Step 5: Start to Make Strings

Take the PET bottle and put it with the cut-off end between the washer.

Push it a little bit down to get a "Start-String" and pull it CAREFULLY !!! Don't hurt yourself !!!!

Step 6: Result

...from a typical 1-liter PET bottle you can get 15 - 20 meters of string....

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