Introduction: DIY Plywood Folding Table or Workbench

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In my constant efforts to work on my studio apartment, in which I have been working tirelessly on for the last few years now. I have been working in the kitchen lately and these next two instructables are my efforts to improve the efficiency of the kitchen and make it eye pleasing as well. This Simple table probably took me less than an hour to complete from start to bottom.

Ending at just six dollars this table will help for enjoying a nice meal or two or getting some work done if you decide to use it in your work area. It's cheap and easy to make and will make a nice addition when you need an extra workspace in a pinch.

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Step 1: Materials


1x4 mdf trim board

1/4" plywood sheating

Step 2: Hardware




Circular Saw

Step 3: Step 1

Cut your plywood sheathing to the length that you would need using a circular saw.

Make sure to cut a straight line by measuring twice and cutting once.

Attach the two hinges on the very end of the plywood sheathing using your drill and three 1/4" wood screws using your drill to attach one hinge on each end spaced evenly apart.

With a Marker Mark Your First Drill holes onto the wall you want to place your table.

Fill in each potential screw hole with a marker.

After you have all the screw holes marked on one of the hinges using a straight piece of lumber or yard stick make a line that is level across the wall using your marker. Mark where the remaining hinge will go marking the three holes where the screws will go.

Drill some holes and place in the plastic plugs that extend outward into the wall when you screw in the screw

Attach the hinges to the wall on each end using the screws provided.

Step 4: Assemble the Table

To make the table look as though it is floating cut a piece of the 1X4 MDF board so it's around 4" shorter than the plywood sheathing and place in the center towards the outside edge.

Using 1" wood screws attach the MDF Trim board using three screws placed evenly apart

Cut another piece of MDF Trim board so it has a length from the floor to the piece that you just put on the plywood sheathing

Using a level Make sure it is level from front to back and side to side.

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