DIY Point and Shoot Infrared Camera

Introduction: DIY Point and Shoot Infrared Camera

This is the easiest way of making a night vision IR camera out of your old compact camera.

If you don't break anything while opening the camera, you can reverse this process and have a fully functional camera again, as it nothing happened!

1- Open the camera so you get access to the IR filter, which is in front of the sensor. The CCD sensor is very sensitive, try not to touch it or it can be damaged

2- Remove the IR filter: it is a red-colored piece of glass. Depending on your camera, it may be embedded in the lens (as in this example), or it may just be a small piece of glass that does not need to be broken, just take it out. If that's the case, you can just re-attach it if you want to have a "normal" camera again. Remember that if you break the IR glass, then the hack will be irreversible!

3- Put all the pieces back, and play around! You can also buy IR LED lights and make a more powerful torch (for example in

The IR filter of a camera can be removed in a simple way, it can be very easy. The most important part of the process is the unscrewing of the camera parts, as it can be difficult sometimes. In any case, the IR filter is a thin piece of glass that blocks the IR light from entering the sensor. If you want to only see IR light, then you will need to buy a IR filter (they look totally black to the naked eye!)

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    5 years ago

    This is going to be fun! Thanks!


    5 years ago

    Nice job,see my instructables about night vision !!