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Introduction: DIY Pokèmon Card Container

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Do you have a whole bunch of Pokèmon cards without a home, but not had any place to put them? Because I just solved all of your problems. I decided to create a box that can hold your whole collection or really anything, and all you need is unneeded Pokèmon cards, and clear packaging tape.

*Bonus points for whoever can tell me the year the Blastoise in the photo was from in the comments.

Step 1: Make Sure That You Have Good Cards and Tape

First, let's talk about the tape. To make sure that the box sticks together, and won't fall apart, you need good tape (especially because it holds everything together). The tape you need is clear packaging tape. It has to be clear, or you won't be able to see any of the box.

Next, you need a good group of cards. Some things to stay away from would be any cards that are extremely rare. When looking at cards to use, you can look at the bottom right corner and there will be a symbol. A black circle means it is a common card, a diamond means an uncommon card, a black star means it's a rare card, and a white star means it is an ultra rare. NEVER USE ULTRA RARES!!! That is rule number 1. also, stay away from using things that are holographic, or reverse holo. To save your time explaining what it is, if it is shinier than other cards in any way, don't use it. Next, make sure that the card you use is in good condition. If the card is worn out, it could make the box weak. As one final tip, using fake cards is always a great idea! They have no value, and are not allowed in Pokèmon play. I used fake cards myself.

Step 2: Find the Dimensions You Want for Your Box

If you can see in the picture, there are four cards on the bottom laying out all next to each other. What you want to do is to lay all four cards out like that, and then put a few cards on top. You don't need many, in the picture I used too many, I changed the number to 2 cards laying on the top. You will want to distribute the cards equally, and then do that for all the other sides of the box. You can decide the dimensions of the box, and sometimes you will have to cut the cards to make sure they actually fit with the dimensions (and that is why we don't use ultra rares).

Step 3: Tape Time!

Next what you want to do is get all of the pieces together. Carefully put tape over the top to attach the cards. Then to add further stability to the box, flip the cards over so you see the Pokèmon, not just the logo. Now you want to tape that side also. Once you have both sides taped, you are ready to out it together.

Step 4: Put It Together

now you want to lay the cards down the way that they will fold up(just know that we haven't gotten to the roof yet) and put layers of tape on the outside only, connecting all the different parts of it. As a tip, leave a tiny amount of space between all the parts and make sure they can easily bend to a 90-degree angle. If it doesn't bend but you already taped it, don't worry, you can just use the Pokèmon "Scizor"(or just scissors) and trim a tiny bit off the bottom.

Now that that is done, you can actually start to form the box. Now you have to hold up 2 sides that are next to each other at a 90-degree angle. Add a strip of tape on the outside that connects both of them. Continue repeating that step until all the outside is completed. Now all that is left is the roof.

Step 5: The Roof, Handle, and Hooks.

First, you need to make the roof. You will want to do the same exact thing as the bottom, but maybe do something to make it look cooler. I made mine completely out of regular psychic energy, and it made it more interesting. Also on the inside, I added two (fake!) full art cards in an angle that made it look a lot better. Then to put on the top you rest it on the other sides and tape it to one of the longer sides, and only one.

If the top ends up falling inside of the box because it was made too small, that's why I made a hook. Just cut a sliver off of a card about 1/2 in. thick, and put half of it on the roof, then bend the rest of it over so it curls down the box, and tape the part on the roof down. If you do that twice on one side, it will support the roof from falling.

Now, the last part of the step is making the handle. Just use one more sliver of a card, and tape it down in a slightly curved position.

Step 6: Your Done!

Now that you are done, you can go show all your friends your cooler because you made a box out of Pokèmon cards! (Then tell them where to find the tutorial)

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    A Pokemon card case out of Pokemon cards. I like it :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    Also, if you see this, do you think there were any problems with the Instructable I made? This was my first one and was just wanting to know how I could improve.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you again! I will make sure to read it.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks! I tried to make this after I saw something similar, but the one I saw didn't open, it was meant for shipping things.