Introduction: D.I.Y Pokeball Jewelry or Prop

This tutorial will teach you how to make a pokeball for jewelry or for a cool cosplay prop

just make the pokeball larger fora prop and smaller for jewelry

Step 1: Roll Out a Red Ball of Clay

roll out a red ball of clay the size you'd like your pokeball to be

Step 2: Roll Out a White/glow in the Dark Ball

roll out a white or glow in the dark colored ball of equal size

Step 3: Place Into Freezer

place into freezer for around 10 to 15 minutes
this will help the balls to be harder so when you cut them in the next step they don’t smoosh

Step 4: Cut the Balls in Half

cut the balls in exactly half and fit one side red and one side white or glow in the dark together and roll gently to bond them

Step 5: (optional) Add Eyepin or Headpin

add eye pin or headpin now so you can attach your pokeball to a necklace chain or key chain later

Step 6: Roll a Small Black Ball

roll a very small ball of black ball this will be the button on the pokeball

Step 7: Roll a Smaller Ball of White/glow in the Dark Clay

roll an even smaller ball of white or glow in the dark clay this will fit on top of the black ball for the little detail on the button of the pokeball

Step 8: Place Buttons Onto Pokeball

place and slightly flatten the small black ball onto the middle of the pokeball

Step 9: Repeat Step 8 With White/glow in the Dark Ball

repeat with the white or glow in the dark ball for the even smaller detail on the button

Step 10: Roll a Snake of Black Clay and Flatten

roll out a thin snake of black clay and flatten it

Step 11: Put the Black Rectangle Onto the Pokeball and Cut Off Excess

gently place and press the thin strip around the seem and stop once you've reached the black ball you placed earlier

then cut off excess

Step 12: Bake and Let Cool

bake your pokeball according to package instructions

Step 13: (optional) Glaze and Attach to Jewelry or Keychains

now you can glaze your piece and attach it to anything you'd like

such as a necklace chain or bracelet or even a cool keychain

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