Introduction: DIY Pop Vinyl - Undyne From Undertale

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Long ago, two races

ruled over Earth: Humans and Monsters.

Anyway, let's make a Pop Vinyl of our favourite Undertale character (or any character you wish)!

Today I am making Undyne

Step 1: You Will Need:

  • Milliput superfine two part epoxy clay in white.
  • A funko DIY Figure in female
  • Sculpting tools
  • Water
  • Spray Paint in blue, orange, black and silver
  • OR acrylic paint in the same colors (this depends on your preferences on painting)
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue
  • A dremal or drill
  • Masking tape
  • Plastikote clear sealer in matte

The way you paint your pop vinyl is completely up to you. I used silver spray paint for the armor and acrylic paint for the rest of the piece. The reason for this was because I had these colors lying around already and was too poor to get more spray paints. However, for a cleaner and more professional finish I recommend using spray paints.

Step 2: How to Make Her...

I have created a short video above on how to make her completely,

please watch and enjoy!

However, if you prefer to read continue with the next step for instructions!

Step 3: Step One:

Start by taking your pop vinyl out of her packaging and inspect her for any dents or scratches that need to be covered. Mine was fine but a little sandpaper would clear any of that up.

Begin by mixing an even and small amount of milliput clay together, this is a two part clay which means you will need to mix the two clays in the packaging together thoroughly to ensure that the clay air dries properly.

Step 4: Start With the Hair

I started my sculpture beginning with her hair. I applied a small 2mm layer of clay all over the area I planned for her hair to go. Smoothing along the hairline and skin for a more defined look. As you can see I rub a lot of water into the clay. This is because it makes the clay a lot softer and more malleable.

Then using a rubber sculpting tool, which I constantly dipped into water between strokes, I started to indent the clay with individual hair. This is a lot easier to do when you drag the tool backwards, but for you it may be different. WHich is why it's always good to keep practising until you know what works best for you.

I then sculpted Undynes ponytail hair into an individual piece of clay, complete with hair lines. I briefly attach it to the sculpture to see if works scale wise. Which it does.

Step 5: Ears...

Moving on, I then start to sculpt on to the diy figures ears. Undyne has these very odd shape - flipper style ears. Which I attempted, and re attempted and attempted again. They were quite hard for me to sculpt as I wanted them to be quite thin, and as they were so fragile they kept falling off every time I attempted to add any detail. However in the end they were quite cute and I decided to add detail during the paint job.

Step 6: Armor

Next I started to sculpt in the armor, beginning with breastplate, then the chest, leg flaps, shoulder caps and entire back piece. I found this especially hard as I was sculpting in such a small area that I was not used to. Then I started to smooth it all out with water on a brush, before adding some final lines and details with the sculpting tools.

Step 7: Face, Eyepatch and Spear

Then I started to work on her face, beginning with her little eyepatch. The eyepatch itself is super easy to sculpt, literally press a small blob of clay onto the eye then shape into a u shape. Then roll out a very thin line of clay, long enough in length to wrap entirely around the head of your Pop Vinyll. Then using water as glue, stick it on to the pop, connecting at both ends of the eyepatch.

I then rolled up a piece of clay into a ball and pressed it onto the back of her head. This will be Undynes hair band and at this point the hair piece you made earlier should be a little stiff. Enough to stick it gently into the hair band and it stay upright on it’s own, like so.

Next I rolled out another length of clay and cut it to be about 5-7cm in length, size really depands on your own preference (giggity) . Then made a small triangle out of clay and attached it to the top of the log of clay to form one of undynes spears.

I then left the entire piece to dry over night.

Step 8: Almost Done...

Once it was dry I got out my Dremal, you can also use a drill. With a drill bit that matches the thickness of your spears handle. Then very, very, very carefully and slowly drilled out a hole in Undynes hand at a pleasing angle. At this point my spear was hard too and was able to test it out. Luckily it was a [perfect fit and needed no glue whatsoever. But if your does go a little tits up, then you can use some glue to secure it in place.

To colour my spear I used a metallic blue pen I had lying around. You can use these, spray paints or acrylic paints. Again it is up to you and up to what you can afford.

Then using silver metallic spray paint I carefully sprayed her entire lower body. This did get a little on the head but it doesn't matter as I was planning to paint over it anyway. If you want to reduce the splatter you can cover and protect areas using masking tape.

I was so super happy with the way this turned my armor super shiney. AMazing! I am like a magpie though and love shiny things. Honestly this could be a sculpture of an armpit and if it was painted silver I would still think it was beautiful.

Then using an array of blue, orange, yellow and black acrylic paint. I was able to paint the head and skin, armour detail, hair, eyepatch and eye. I attempted to reduce the brush lines on the sculpture by adding quite a lot of water to the paint. The thinner is it, the less lines but more layers are need for a good colour and finish. I think I painted about 4 layers of paint on this thing, which took a good two hours overall. I added in some eyebrows, a mouth and details in and around the eye with some black paint and voila! Complete!

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