DIY Porch Swing Bed

Introduction: DIY Porch Swing Bed

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I’m sharing printable building plans below for both a TWIN and a CRIB size mattress porch swing in this design. So, let’s get building!



*Materials will vary based on the size porch swing bed you’re building. Check printable plans below for specifics on each size. The following is based off a twin size.

(2) 2x2x8 boards

(6) 2x4x10 boards

(2) 2x6x8 boards

(5) 1x4x8 boards

(1) 1x6x8 board

(1) sheet ½″ or ¾″ plywood

1 ¼″, 2″, 2 ½″, 3″ wood screws (use exterior rated if using outdoors)

2 ½″ pocket hole screws (use exterior rated if using outdoors)

Timber Screws (optional)

Wood GlueRope Kit

(4) eye screws

(4) carabiner clips

Step 1: Assemble Swing Seat Frame

The front and back pieces were 2x6s (in yellow above) and the shorter side pieces were 2x4s (in blue above). I trimmed these boards down to length, then assembled using 2 ⅞” timber screws.

Step 2: Add Corner Posts

I added 2x4s at each corner for what I will call the “corner posts.”

Step 3: Complete Swing Bed Frame

Next, I attached 2x2s between the 2x4s at the corners using 1 ½″ pocket holes and 2 ½″ exterior grade pocket hole screws.

Step 4: Install Slats

I attached 1x4 slats to the sides and back using screws through the top 2x2s to secure the top and into the seat frame to secure the bottom.

Step 5: Add Arm Rests

I attached arm rests along the top of the frame on the sides and back.

Step 6: Trim Side Slats

I glued and nailed 1x6s along the bottom of the swing sides to trim out the slats and cover the screws.

Step 7: Install Seat Supports

I used 2x4s and pocket holes to add some supports for the seat and cut a piece of plywood to sit down into the seat on top of these supports.

Step 8: Add Bottom Runners

I cut two 2×4 boards—one for the front and one for the back–so that they overhung each side by about 6”. I screwed these in from the bottom side using several screws into the frame of the swing.

Step 9: Add Ropes

I used a rope kit (get the details on the kit here) to hang the swing and I attached one rope to each corner of the swing through the bottom runners and tied a knot.

Step 10: Hang Swing

We used eye screws, and carabiner clips to hang the swing securely from the rafters in the porch ceiling. Check out the YouTube video for details.

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    5 months ago on Step 10

    This is awesome!!!! Congratulation on your construction. I'll copy your idea one of these days :)