Introduction: DIY Portable Video Recording Setup

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This is a step by step tutorial of how you can make a portable and affordable recording setup with a key light, filler light and selfie stick to hold the camera or mobile phone.

I was starting my YouTube channel and wanted to get a good lighting equipments for video recording but it was out of my budget. So, I decided to make one by myself. I checked out many lighting equipments like ring lights, softboxes and LED diffuser panels. I decided to make a kit which can provided lights and can hold the camera for me. And for that I found the best option, AN OLD LAMP.


  1. An old lamp
  2. Cardboard pieces
  3. Parchment paper
  4. Aluminium foil
  5. Glue
  6. Selfie stick
  7. Some packing foam
  8. while/warm LED bulb

Step 1: Find an Old Lamp in House or Online

I found a lamp with 3 bulb fixtures on facebook marketplace for $5. It was almost broken and not in good condition. Idea here is to find something to hold the selfie stick, key light (main light) and filler light (extra bulb), so I choose a lamp stand with 3 fixtures.

So, in top most we can add selfie stick and pack it with some foam to keep it in place and in center.

In second, we are going to make a softbox with key light to diffuse the light evenly over the object or you if you are doing a Vlogging or instagram stories.

In third, we can add a bulb without softbox to keep it bright and make it facing wall to use the reflective, indirect lights.

Step 2: Make a Softbox

Now, take your cardboard and you can also use amazon parcel box like I did, make 4 flat square pieces out of it. and cut it in the shape showed below.

In this, the smaller side will go over the lamp head to keep it fix on it, and the bigger side will be outside and can be used to adjust the diffusion area.

Now, stick Aluminium foil on one side of all cardboard pieces. That will help light to reflect a lot inside the softbox before it passes through parchment paper for diffusion.

Stick all cardboard pieces in a pyramid shape, keeping side with Aluminium foil inside. Once it is glued properly and firmly, you can tape the parchment paper the side making a bigger square. But wait, don't tape it now. We need to check if the softbox fixes on the lamp head.

Check if the softbox fits well on the lamp head and make adjustments if you need to. Once all is done, tape it or glue it on the head.

Step 3: Connect Diffuser

The main part of the softbox is diffuser which makes the light soft, thus names softbox. I am using parchment paper as a diffuser and it is cheap, easily available and easily replaceable if needed.

Take a big square piece and fold it in half such that it creates 2 layers and still big enough to be taped on the bigger square of the softbox.

Try turning light on and off, and see if you need more layers to make it softer.

Now, let's work on camera holder.

Step 4: Camera Holder

This is a challenging step, since it holds the most expensive equipment among everything in this project, your CAMERA or PHONE.

So, we have a selfie stick to hold the camera but how to keep the selfie stick firm on the lamp head??

For that make sure the lamp switch is off, since selfie stick can be of metal and you don't want to get a electric shock. You can also use a plastic bag as an insulation.

To keep the selfie stick in center, let's make a round piece of cardboard which can fit inside the lamp head. For that, make an impression of lamp head on cardboard. After cutting it, make a hole in center to pass the selfie stick. which will allow stick to stay in center.

Now, pass the stick through cardboard, and push the cardboard in the lamp head. You can use some packing foam round the stick inside the lamp to keep it firm.

Step 5: Finish Up the Final Step

In the third lamp head, you can take another LED bulb and fix it there.

Once everything is connected, your old lamp is now equipped with Main light with softbox, a filler light to fill the background and a camera holder to record your wonderful Youtube or Instagram video. ENJOY!!