Introduction: DIY Portable Water Pipe | Bong Bowl

What is up everybody!!

Today I am going to show you how to make a portable bong bowl or water pipe, whatever you want to call it, which you can use everywhere with a help of a plastic bottle.

Step 1: Idea and Design

- Water pipes have become very popular in 20th century due to their ability of capturing up to 90% of toxic substances that lead to lung cancer. Furthermore, it is very easy to use such waterpipes/bongs, you don't need to waste your time rolling up a cigarette..

- So to start with, I firstly construct everything in a solidworks to make sure how it is gonna look like and to have a plans which I can access while machining parts.

- If you are interested how I create this in solidworks you can click on a video below:

Step 2: What You Need + Machining

- I made this waterpipe from aluminum, so I firstly cut aluminium pipe and solid piece of aluminium down to a needed length.

- Aluminum is very soft metal so a handsaw shouldn’t take you more than a minute to cut it.

- With those two pieces you are ready to start machining .

- I won't go into the details and steps of how I do it on a lathe so I rather attach a few more pictures...

- After machining I used a few different sandpapers to smooth both parts and a polish crème for a nicer finish.

Step 3: After Polishing...

- And here we go, Both pieces came out better that I expected and at this point I couldn’t wait to test it out.

Step 4: Testing the Waterpipe

- You are gonna need an empty plastic bottle and a medium sized nail in order to make a hole just big enough for aluminium pipe to come through snugly

- Lighter should be strong enough to heat the nail above melting temperature of the plastic and with a gentle push you can melt down plastic and make a hole as big as you need to.

- You can store the nail into the bowl itself and use it whenever you need to.

- To test our water pipe fill the bottle up with water and fill the bowl with the desired smoking substance.

- I didn't actually try to smoke from it, because I don't smoke, but a friend of mine was very impressed by the whole thing that actually work as it should.

- If you like this instructable please, click on the video below of how I made it and enjoy great music.

Thank you !!!