DIY Power Bank Homemade Power Energy for Your Smartphone

Introduction: DIY Power Bank Homemade Power Energy for Your Smartphone

Diy Power Bank is what you need to power up your mobile devices when you're away from home or away from from a computer to plug in the USB cord. You can use your own USB or more USB cable different types of connections that comes with it to fit a wide variety of devices.
Diy Power Bank is compact size and fits into your purse, backpack, or messenger bag so you've got plenty of power while on the go. It's a must have when camping and hiking. It will power up your devices up to 8 times with 6 cells or 4 times with 4cells. Say good-bye to losing the use of your mobile device when you away from home because all the power has drained out of it leaving you "stranded" until you get home for a recharge. Diy Power Bank with laptop battery are good choice because very cheap with USB DC 1~5V to DC 5V Voltage Step Up Boost Module - Green ( approximate 1 USD on Ebay )

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