DIY Power Switch Panel

Introduction: DIY Power Switch Panel

I have so many items I need to turn on and off in my small home music studio. PC, TV, Monitor, Amp, Drumkit etc. They are plugged in to a 6 gang extension lead. So every time I need to turn things on and off I have to bend down, this isn't good if you have a bad back like me. So the project began! (I didn't take photos while I built this so all stages are not shown).

Step 1: Thinking of How to Get This Idea Working.

After thinking and lots of drawing I finally came up with an idea! To basically extend the switches on a 6 gang extension lead.

I purchased some switches and a plastic sandwich tub to hold all the switches and wiring.

The diagram hopefully makes sense. I'm not a qualified electrician so I'm guessing I'm going to get messages on how I can do it better or saying it's not safe. I know electricity is dangerous so I did think very carefully. I did think of putting an earth on the switches but read I didn't have to. Anyhow I'm sure someone will let me know.

Step 2:

So with all the wiring done I tried to tidy up the wires by running them in some plastic piping I had. The wires come out of where the extension switches would be. I then glued a clear plastic piece over the top.

I printed out some labels and stuck them on the lid so I know which switch operated which piece of equipment.

The switch panel works great as I now have a master and individual switches and I don't have to keep leaning down! :)

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