Introduction: DIY Printed Maxi Skirt With Zipper (easy)

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DIY tutorial on how to make a maxi skirt with a zipper. Super easy!

Step 1: Cut the Waistband

Fold fabric in half. Cut the waistband by a taking your waist measurement plus 4 inches. Because you are cutting on the fold divide your waist measurement plus the four inches by 2 and cut.

Step 2: Add Stabilizer

Then add stabilizer to the waistband. Iron the stabilizer on and set to the side.

Step 3: Cut the Fabric

Now cut up the fold to make it two panels.

Step 4: Fold One Panel in Half

Remove one panel and set aside and fold the remaining panel in half. Then cut it up the middle on the fold.

Step 5: Place All the Panels Together

Grab your first panel and lay the other two panels on top, right sides facing each other.

Pin it.

Make sure your lines align then sew the sides together. Do not sew the two separate panels together.

Step 6: Gathering Stitch

Set your machine to the longest stitch to create a gathering stitch.

Step 7: Gather

Gather carefully.

Step 8: Gather the Skirt...

Gather the skirt until it looks like it will fit the waistband.

Step 9: Pin...

Pin the waistband on and then sew it.

Step 10: Zipper

Let's install the zipper. Now sew the back 2 panels together with a wide stitch. Stop midway if you want a back slit. Pin the zipper in place (in the middle of the waistband) and sew it in.

Step 11: Fold The...

Fold the waistband over and pin it. Make sure to cover the gathering stitch.

You can see the zipper exposed and now all you need to do is hem the slit and the bottom. All done.

Step 12:

Step 13: