Introduction: DIY Project ARGB LED Hexagonal Panel

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Hi everyone, in this Instructable I'm going to show you how to make an Addressable RGB Hexagonal Panel using WS2812b LEDs (Aka Neopixels). That description doesn't really do it justice, so go check out the video above! Please note that Addressable RGB lets you have many different Modes of lighting with the help of ARGB header present on almost all newer Chipset motherboards. Here is how to do it -



Sunboard, Diffuser sheet, Argb led and controller, strong glue, ruler, marker, knife and wires and soldering kits

Step 2: Hexagon Shape

Draw a Hexagonal shape using compass and ruler. And cut it out.

Step 3: Border

Cut 2cm wide sunboard for border.

Step 4: Border 2

Cut 6 pc small border

Step 5: Base

Add all borders using strong glue

Step 6: Diffuser

Cut same size 2 diffuser panel as like Hexagonal base.

Step 7: Argb Led

Cut 4x2 leds

Step 8: Holes

Cut 2 holes for headers

Step 9: Soldring

Solder wires and header

Step 10: Adding Leds

Put leds and headers into the base

Step 11: Checking

Check all leds and wires

Step 12: Add Diffuser

Add 2 layer of diffuser panels

Step 13: Finishings

Add some strong glue for sticking diffuser,.

Step 14: 3 Panels

Make panels 3 times or more

Step 15: Base Stand

I made a base stand with sunboard

Step 16: Attachments

I used male headers for connecting each panels

Step 17: Done

Its ready for play. Plug led controller

Step 18: Beauty

Its cool

Step 19: