Introduction: DIY Puddle Lights

A nice,useful and cheap modification to your car :)

Step 1: What You Need

Get your self a car.Mine is 1999 Ford Fiesta MK4 stock model.

You will need some basic tools

Drill press

Some screwdrivers to disassemble your car doors

Eagle eye LED Lights

i got mine from a local vendor

Basic electrical knowledge

1N4001 diodes

Wires (what ever you can find)

The cost was 15lv (Bulgarian leva) which is about 7 euros or 10 USD.

Step 2: Electrical System

Locate your fuse box and find a 12v power supply wire.I used the interior lights one.Splice your power wires on to it i used additional fuses for every Led loom.But you can skip the fuses if you get your power from a cable that it has already went through a fuse on the fuse box.My car only has buttons on the front two doors but the process is the same.

Step 3: Dissemble Your Car Doors.

Dissemble your car doors.Be careful not to damage any cables and holding mechanisms.

This video is for my model make sure you find one for your car there are a lot of things to damage.

Step 4: Feed Your Wires

This part is tricky if you don't want to dissemble the entire interior plastic.You will need to feed 2 wires one for mass(-) and one for power(+).The mass comes from the car button every time the door is opened contact is made and the leds come on.

Step 5: Testing

Remove the door buttons.We need to add the diode to the button connector this will make sure the lights will only light up on the door being opened and not all at once.The diode lets power pass one way and not the other.

Step 6: Install the LEDs

Measure your drilling positions so you can be consistent on every door.Since i only have buttons on the front doors i added two LEDs one lighting the ground and one on the side of the door panel.Before you start drilling make sure the position on the LEDs wont be in the way of the door closing.

Step 7: Put Everything Back Together

Connect the wires and that's it. Put everything back together and enjoy your work.