Introduction: DIY Quick-N-Easy Closet Space Saver

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Hello all. I have a very quick and simple to do closet space saver using minimal materials in the least amount of time.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

All you will need is a small space you want to reduce, 2 hangers, and 8 zip ties (depends on the height of your closet). That's it!

Step 2: Linking the Zip Ties

Take a zip tie and make a loop. You don't want to make the loop circle too small. You take another zip tie and put one end through the loop and make another circle about the same size. Repeat to your desired length.

8 loops I would say is pretty standard as you don't want them too long because your clothes will drag on the floor.

Step 3: Connecting the Hangers

When you are all done with your plastic zip tie links take either end and put a hanger through it. Tightly pull the zip tie so the it is snug around the hanger. You will do this on both ends. Please make sure the hanger hooks are pointing in the same direction before tightening.

Step 4: Installing the Space Saver System

Take your space saving system and hang it on the rod in your closet and begin to hook the additional clothes through the open loops. I used one item per loop. You may be able to get two per each loop, but weight might be a factor.

Once you have them on take one hanger off and watch as the clothes neatley collapse one on the other dramatically reducing the space in your closet.

This is not a new concept only a cheap do it yourself way of obtaining the same effeciveness.

Affordable. Easy. Effective. I hope this helps.