Introduction: DIY Quilled Grapes

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you how to quill grapes.

I have never quilled before, so this is definitely out of my comfort zone.

This is a simple project that usually takes about an hour to make, but can take more or less time based on your sense of precision and attention to detail.

I hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

For this project, all you willl need is a purple sheet of paper (or more, depending on how many grapes you want), a green sheet of paper (I didn't use the whole piece, so I think you really will only need one), scissors, and glue. You may want a paper towel to ensure that the glue doesn't get everywhere, but if you are neat about it, you can probably go without it.

Step 2: Cut the Purple Paper.

Cut somewhat even strips of the purple paper (I used cardstock but printer/construction paper works fine too). The strips do not need to be the exact same width, but reasonably close widths help with gluing the grapes together. Different widths create different looking grapes, which adds realism as grapes are not totally identical. If you end up using wider strips, you will most likely need more paper as well.

Step 3: Roll It.

Take one strip and fold it. Continue folding up the paper like a sleeping bag until you get a compact roll. Let it go so that it unravels a bit and is not as tight. If you want more compact grapes, you may want to reroll the strips to create more permanence in the paper. Continue with the rest of strips. If you deem it necessary, cut more paper and roll those strips as well.

Step 4: Glue the Purple Circles.

Carefully place glue directly underneath the end of the grape (on the outer side, not the inner side). Do not place a ton of glue, as this will lead to a lot of seeping glue (which you might use a paper towel to handle). You may have to reglue them as the paper often tries to stop being attached. Continue with the rest of the grapes.

Next, arrange them in a "bunch of grapes" shape. It is at this point that you may find that you need more grapes. If that is the case, cut more paper and do the rest of the steps leading up to this one.

Then, begin placing glue on the side of a grape. Attach it to another grape. You should only need to put glue onto one of the surfaces that you're attaching, not both. Continue gluing the rest of the grapes together in your desired shape. You may realize that you need more grapes, and if so, you should cut, roll, and glue some more.

Step 5: Cut the Green Paper.

Cut the green paper into strips longwise, just like the purple paper for the grapes (once again, I used cardstock, but printer/construction paper works too). These green strips (of which you will need three) should be about the same width as the purple ones, and if not, then it should be a little wider. Once again, you will only need 3 green strips for the vine.

Step 6: Roll and Bend It.

Roll two of the three strips just like the grapes, except only roll them three-fourths of the way down. With the remainder of the strips, slightly bend them, as shown in the second picture.

With the third strip, fold it just like grapes, except only roll it four-fifths of the way down. Also, with the remainder, bend it more definitely, as shown in the fourth picture.

Step 7: Glue the Green Swirls.

Glue the green swirls just like the grapes, with the last part of the swirl attach to the long remainder.

Then, glue the two subtly-bent strips to either side of the definitely-bent third strip.

Finally, glue the green vine inside of the grapes. You may have to detach some grapes in order to place it. If that is the case, then simply reglue them back on afterwards.

Step 8: You've Got Yourself Some Grapes!

Congratulations! You completed this DIY.

You can add a string to hang this up, or maybe attach it to an original piece of art to make it three-dimensional.

This was a really fun project and I am so happy that I got to share it with you. :)

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